"Release the Cracken!"

I didnt mention it in yesterday’s post- but we have a new development around here. 

Nico ❤ Food-Food. 


Yeah, the kid I thought wanted nothing to do with eating is actually an eating MONSTER.  Seriously- peaches, apricots, sweet potatoes, green beans, yellow squash, blueberries, apples, strawberries.  You name it, he is all about it.  And not just little nibbles… he is eating a lot.  JL (one of his teachers at school) thinks he is going through a growth spurt.  He has been napping like a champ and eating a lot too at school.   

Before, I would sit him in the bumpo seat on the kitchen table and he would be a lot more interested in trying to escape than actually eating.  Now the bumpo seat sits on a chair and he is diving forward to get noms.  It is pretty awesome!

What is not awesome is that I think he is going through a nursing strike.  I think.  I dont know.  He wouldn’t nurse this morning and after being bitten yesterday afternoon, I gave him a bottle last night.  He has taken to biting a lot lately- and not just when nursing.  He sometimes tries to stick my fingers in his mouth and bite them.  He bites the bottle now.  Yesterday he bit himself while eating dinner (which I have to admit is funny).  The first time he did it (about a week ago, I yelped and ended the session- which is bad- you’re not really supposed to yell- but it hurt).  He has done it a couple of time since, and I try the whole, “No biting!” etc.  Yesterday evening I tried the nuclear option (holding him closer so it’s harder to breathe) right after he did it. 

They say that one way to counteract it is to pay close attention when you’re nursing, and if you feel/see him thinking about it to be ready and not to give him the chance.  The consequence of that is that I am a little gunshy now and I know he is picking up on that. 

For the most part, he has been the LeBron James of sleeping. He has been going in the crib at 830-900 and staying there till 445-500.  Then nursing for a bit as he dozes in the morning till 6am, then waking up and telling everyone how it is (he sure is bossy…. I wonder who he got that from?)  Except for last night, of course.  Last night, he woke up around 11 REALLY REALLY REALLY mad and upset.  He was doing his “Cracken” thing (when he thrashes about throwing his head back and yelling).  I may have had something to do with that, because at dinner he ate a LOT of rice cereal mixed with this stuff:

So I found this company at Target when I went for dogfood the other day… its a British Organic babyfood company.  I absolutely love the little envelope thing… you could hold it in your hand and knead it around to warm it up (instead of microwaving).  And it’s delicious!!  So for dinner I mixed half of this package with rice ceral.  Then, about 45 minutes later I fed him a 7 ounce bottle to go to sleep.  So the Cracken may have been out because his belly hurt.  Or his teeth hurt.  I wish that babies could give more clues as to why they are pissed off.  You would think that almost 9 months in, I would be a little better about figuring it out. 
On a completely unrelated matter- Dave and I are moving.  The house is about half a mile away in Indian Head.  The photo is hard, because I took it from the car down on the street.  It is a 3/2 with a fireplace.  No dishwasher (I know, I know).  But it is like 400 squarefeet more than our house now.  Plus the backyard is AMAZING!   
So we are going to sign the lease in the middle of next month- and have two weeks to move out of the Apakin house and move into the other house.  All for now!

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