Copying Nicole-leah- Currents.

Noms I want RIGHT NOW:
1. grilled oysters from Acme Oyster House (NOLA).
2. Tyler’s ultimate Arnold Palmer Iced tea. 
3. Boudain balls from that place in Lafayette.

Songs I like today:
1. Jamie All Over (Mayday Parade).
2. Brilliant Disguise (Elvis Costello Cover)
3. Godspeed (Dixie Chicks)

On my DVR:
1. 24 (old)
2. Lost (old)
3. NCIS (which records accidentally).

Next in my moview queue:

1. In America.
2. World Cup Soccer Highlights (Disk 3)
3. Funny Ha-ha.  ** Note only the second was added by me…

Books I have checked out from the library/on Kindle:
1. Half the Sky
2. Soccernomics
3. War of the Worlds.

Magazines waiting to be read:
1. Latest NY Times Weekend Magazine
2. Parenting: The Early Years.
3. Back Issue of Outside.

Current favorite Blogs:
1. Young House Love.
2. How about Orange.
3. Mighty Girl.

Current most used Iphone app:
1. Facebook
2. FML.
3. Hipstamatic.

Current favorite timewasters (not blogs) :
1. Food Channel.
2.  Lucy and Leo’s cupcakery (be jealous).
3. Appliqueing onesies.

Wearing right now:
1. grown up jean skirt.
2. light blue tshirt.
3. leather flipflops that were abandoned by one of the soccer girls and which were adopted by me.

Things on today’s to-do list:
1. Target.
2. Nico to doctor.
3. Sign new lease.

The last 3 things added to my bucket list:
1. Hike Kilamanjaro.
2. Foster good relationships between my kids and their grandparents.
3. Acquire the taste for wine.

2 thoughts on “Copying Nicole-leah- Currents.

  1. Regarding #3…I started with white zin (the opposite of being sophisticated). I then worked my way up to riesling, then pinot grigio, then sauvignon blanc, then chardonnay. I haven't been able to really get into the reds, EXCEPT for the red muscadine wines that you find in Florida and Georgia. They are a lot sweeter. Did you know that muscadine grapes are the native grapes to this country? The others were imported. Makes me feel better about only really loving muscadine wines.


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