So…. I dont think I can hide it much longer. So I am not… I resigned from my position at work.  The reasons why are a bit too complicated and unrelated to this medium, so we’re just gonna gloss on over that and head on to how I am treating it as VACATION.

And by vacation, I mean, working on my dissertation, cleaning the house, doing chores and going on job interviews (one last week, one next week).  So maybe not quite “vacation”.  It comes at a good time, because we are getting ready to move.  And by that, I mean, we’re signing the lease and whatnot.  Our getting ready to move thus far has been a half-hearted attempt at a yard sale at LJ’s place and taking unsold items to good will.  I also have been trying to free cycle stuff.  I have come to the conclusion that our stuff reproduces.  Whenever we are away from the house, it’s sexy time for all of our stuff… turns out somebody is always pregnant and giving birth to more healthy stuff.  Actually, I feel a bit like that this:

Only instead of “Bad 509!”  I am saying, “Bad stuff!!”

In any case… that is what we’ve been consumed with lately… and the session.  Turns out, the session doesnt get any easier when you have a kid… you would think that the legislators would realize that I have a kid and that keeping Dave Royse at the capital all week is unacceptable.  Who knew?

In an unrelated matter: We have interpreted Nico’s nursing strike as his deciding to wean himself.  I am still pumping breastmilk and giving him bottles of it.  Dont know how long that will last… although to be honest, I have plenty of reasons to stop, not the least of which, is that I could start taking adderall again.  Although, to be fair, I haven’t taken it in a year and half… and have been more productive in the year and half since I stopped taking it (although, one could argue this is due to momentum that I have built up).  I was speaking with a lady in another division at work (before I left) about it… she said to be happy about it, because that way I wont have to put the muscle on him to wean… which can be very hard, I hear.  So we’ll just chalk this one up as Nico is done.  He doesnt seem to be to stressed about it.  I just wish that I had known that that last time was going to be his last.   

Nico’s sleeping is all jacked up.  He had been waking up only once usually between 2-4, but it seems like this weekend, he had a somewhat regular pattern of sleeping from 830 ish pm, till somewhere between 2 and 5 and then going back to sleep.  This probably confirms the fact that he will be walking soon (word on the street is that often babies will regress in one area when they are about to achieve a pretty big milestone- like walking).  Nico is getting pretty close… he cruises around his crib and likes to stand as much as possible.  Also, he has an(other) tooth coming in… making the total for this month=4. WOWZERS!

He is starting to reciprocate verbally… there were several times this weekend when I thought he said words.  Like “Daddy” “Mama” and “Okay”.  Of course, I guess we arent really counting these, because I think he is just babbling.  But he is getting pretty fun.

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