The games he plays…

Sorry I have been absent as of late. The lack of a work-imposed schedule has meant that I dont have a set time I have carved out to do blogging… so… that is what is going on.

Thursday, our across the street neighbor brought us a turtle- your standard box shell guy.  He said that he was intrigued with turtles and frogs and such when he was younger and thought that Nico might like to see it.  I kept it in a box on the front porch for a couple of hours till I went to get Nico from school.  When I finally got Nico home he was more interested in the box that the turtle had been chillin out in.  Which brings me to how funny he is these days.  Of course, he is into EVERYTHING.  Literally, everything.  And his thing is dumping things out of the containers they are in.  Ohai- I see you have a diaper bag here.  What is in it?  I see that you have a box of stuff to be taken to good will… what is all this stuff?  So he inspects everything and moves on… it literally looks a tornado of BABY hit the place.  

We had a pretty good weekend.  FG graduated on Friday night.  Since he was graduating with his PhD he was “hooded”.  They do the PhD ceremony at the end of the graduation, and in which, your major advisor “hoods” you, meaning that you walk across the stage and kneel and they affix the hood about your shoulders.  Its a bit like being knighted, I think.  In any case, because it was the last day of session, Dave had to work really late.  So Nico and I went with The Baller.  You know what true friendship is?  Sitting through a 2.5 hour graduation ceremony with a 9 month old.  Nico was pretty good… considering.  I got him to take a nap for a little while, until people wanted to “applaud” their “graduates”.  How rude!!

He applauded during some of it- which is pretty awesome.  I didnt realize that what a big deal it was until I realized that he is taking his cue from the people around him.  He saw everyone else applauding and started clapping.  Talk about freakin’ adorable!! Here is a video I took of him doing it today (excuse the Ernest Hemmingway look- its hot up here and the AC is broke.  AGAIN!):

In my final preparations for the Muddy Buddy this week, LR and I went riding bikes on the Heritage Trail. Mind you the last time I went bike riding on a trail it ended badly for me… I ended up eating it face first on the trail.  This weekend, however, was a much better outcome.  Turns out the trail in Piney Z is where it is at.  We had a good little ride.  After, Nico and I went up to the Meadows to see some of the Wakulla girls playing CSA.  They are playing in a coed league- which is pretty cool.  Our sweeper LT is playing on a team with MH and SH…. the former scoring against boys with an assist by the latter (her sister).  I dont mean to brag, but MH is going to set it on fire when she comes up next year.

Sunday Dave played some soccer and Nico and I hung out at the house.  Normally we would have gone to the field, but it was hot and gross.  I chose instead to take this video of Nico- showing off his hide and seek game.  Its pretty hilarious.I had been sitting at the dinner table doing this- with a dish towel.  He is imitating me here…

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