Gr8 weekend!

So its been craxy fun around here this past couple of days.

These are the “wonky” log cabins that my mom and I worked on while she was up.  We got five blocks done (want Nico’s quilt to be 4X4, so I need 9 more.)  Aren’t they cool looking?  I cant justify working on it a lot right now- with the whole dissertation and moving thing… but I am hoping to get it done for Nico’s First Birthday.

Mom and JJ left on Friday morning… in the afternoon, I took off down to Orlando to run the Muddy Buddy.  I had dinner with JSD and her little bundle of cute O on Friday night.

About the race: it is a running and biking race.  You have a partner, you run part of the way while your partner bikes, you get to a drop point and drop the bike.  The runner picks it up and goes, likely passing you along the way.  At each bike drop there is an obstacle to do- wall climb, cargo net climb, balance beam, etc.  At the end, there is a huge mud pit you have to crawl through.  The race takes place at the Wide World of Sports at Disney, and wraps around their facilities… so you run out to the baseball fields, by the entrance, etc.  We accomplished my major goal of not finishing last.  I did fail, however, at keeping my face out of the mud- mostly because it is gross… but also because I was wearing contacts and that is never a good combination when you’re driving yourself back to Tallahassee.  I also managed to not run into anyone, twist my ankle (badly- I did tweak it a little on the cargo net climb) and I didn’t eat it face first off the bike (whoo- hooo!)

It was definitely a lot of fun!  I am hoping to do it next year… and when Nico gets a little bit older, I think he should run the mini-muddy buddy.  So cute!

So when I got back from Orlando, Dave and I headed to Nene Fest.  It is a festival put on by the hippies that live in Indian Head.  It was pretty cool… we got dinner there, where we discovered that Nico loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  He pretty much helped himself to the one on my plate.  NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Last night was pretty chilled out.  This morning Nico and Dave went on a drive and got some breakfast.  They also brought home a Tallahassee Democrat, which featured a story about Moms who coach on the front page of the sports section.  It was pretty cool…BUT… what is with my face?  If I really look like that in real life, I am going to be very mad at all of my loyal fans for not mentioning that my face looks like a fun house mirror! I am assuming that maybe I had a hard time keeping my eyes open and my face got weird and they tried to fix it by photoshopping eyes from one picture onto another.  That is my only explanation… because, WOW… I look very weird.

This afternoon, Dave went to play coed while Nico and I watched.  He is getting to be a quick little booger- crawling away if he you take your eye off of him!!  We did a soccer drill today, which was pretty cool.  It was a modified Portuguese Man of War… in the traditional drill, you line up a line of balls on the ground.  You put a kicker on one side and a GK on the other… you go down the line, with the kicker attempting to kick the ball out of the hands of the GK… who moves along from ball to ball trying to keep the kicker from getting a shot off.  Its tricky because its very fast and you have to push yourself off the ground while not using your hands (coincidentally, its my Dad’s favorite GK drill).  I just sat the ball in front of Nico and kicked it while he held onto it with his hands.  He was pretty good at it till he got bored!!

He is off the chain when it comes to food… so far he is into trying almost anything.  We might be at the end of getting baby food vegetables… he seems to like real ones so much better.  And I guess since in the end, the goal is to get him eating regular food-food, that this is pretty good.  Tonight I had some green beans (with bacon in them) while trying to feed him baby food green beans.  He was like, “Srsly? Lady, I know what is up!”  We have also started seeing if he is interested in yogurt, which he is.  So far this is what we have:

real green beans
real peas
pbj sandwiches
macaronni and cheese
cheese cubes
most fresh fruit
most canned fruit

baby food carrots
baby food peas
orange peppers (weird).

All for now.

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