Mr. Cool

We started BBUSC this week- so back to the grind.  We have had a bunch of girls coming out- including one who is transfering from another school… a pretty good player.

Nico has been REALLY pissy the last couple of days.  I think it is largely a function of his sleeping schedule being a little bit off+his regular schedule getting back on schedule+ teething pain. He did, however sleep all the way through the night last night.  When he started to stir at 630 this morning, I was like, “Oh my God!  Did I just sleep all the way through the night?”  *AWESOME*

I am reluctant to mention anything about it- because I might jinx us, but he was pretty fun at the soccer field yesterday.  With SB graduating, we are going to be on the lookout for a new keeper.  One of the twins has volunteered agreed to be the go-to girl next year.  Intellectually its a great option- she is fearless and tough.  But she hasnt played much GK… and even when she did, it was three years ago.  In any case, we had a GK workout at BBUSC last night.  I brought a box of stuff to occupy Nico.  The great thing about a soccer field is that, as long as you aren’t kicking balls at the kid and he isnt trying to crawl through a drill, there really isnt that much trouble he could get into on the soccer field.  So I set him up with some toys to play with and conducted a gk drill about 5 yards away.  It was awesome.  When he got a little needy, I put him in a backpack and put him up on my back.  BTW- the baby backpack is awesome as well.  What is not awesome is all the hair that I have lost because Nico insists on pulling it out.

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