Recognize this person?  She is the original meatball!!
Not much going on today.  I am assisting with an online course at FSU this summer.  It is a course that I have taught many times and assisted many times. So it should be pretty smooth sailing.  It’s weird to be only mentoring… which I havent done since 2006?  I dont have to worry about dates being right, quizzes opening properly, etc.  Its kind of nice.

We got our first graduation announcement in the mail today.  WOW.  So weird.  I remember these kids being freshmen like it was yesterday.  Craziness!!
All for now… dissertationing today.  I know- you’re jealous. 

2 thoughts on “Meh

  1. Packing check list for boxing up:
    78 Wakulla Soccer t-shirts. Check.
    32 soccer jerseys from around the world. Check.
    trophies from the late 70s. Check.
    Nico. Check.


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