Daily Cute

Trying to get some stuffz done today.  Somewhere between Tallahassee and Orlando- I lost my driver’s license. I originally thought I left it at the check in at the hotel, but it seems that I remember having it after the race (to get adult beverages-BTW nothing tastes better than a beer at 1000 am after a bike ride and some running.  Of course my players who check my blog need to remember that I am 30 years old and when you’re 30 years old you can drink whatever beverages you want anytime you want them- except when you are at work.  But I digress.)

My losing my driver’s license wouldnt be such a problem except that we are moving (this month) and I figured that I would kill two birds with one stone and change my address on my driver’s license.  Except that now there are all these federal regulations regarding the verifying addresses and whatnot.  So long story short, I refuse to go to the driver’s license place, wait in line to get a copy of my old driver’s license and then go back in two weeks to update the address.  I object on principle.  Of course I am sure the 5.0 won’t accept that as a reasonable excuse as to why I do not have my driver’s license.

In any case, we are getting the key to the new place today (whoot!!).  We’re going to slowly start moving stuff over this week… a load or two after work here and there.  Then we are getting a moving truck for the main big stuff next week.  After that, it is just getting the Apakin house cleaned up.  Yay!


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