The Little Moves

Seriously, I do.  I much prefer the cross country move- you know.  You load all your stuff into a vehicle… drive 10-12-14+ hours away.  Sleep.  Wake up the next day and unpack.  All in one fell swoop.  The in-town move just goes on and on and on and on.  Like, “Hey!  Let’s run a load of stuff over to the new house that is half a mile a way.”  Annoys.  Even more annoying is when you tell your husband that you ran a load of stuff over to the house and he mocks you thinking that that meant you took over a lamp (because that is all he noticed).  Bleh.

Like the new house.  There are parts that are weird though.

The first picture is taken just inside the entrance.  The second is taken looking at the entrance.  You see the fireplace.  Be very jealous!! This front room is long and skinny and it is not abundantly clear where the TV and couch should go.   Dave wants to put the TV in the on the other side from the doorway from the fireplace…. but where should the couch go?  And what do you do about the fireplace?  It would be cool to make like Cody and Nico and put our TV above the fireplace, but you cant do that with a tube TV (yes, we are the last ones in the world to get a flat-screen).  Plus, that would require mechanical and technical knowledge beyond what Dave and I have.

It goes straight back to a dining room, which we probably wont use as a dining room, since the place also has an “eat-in” kitchen.

Major bonus:  the living room may just be large enough to make a sewing corner for me… SSSSHHHHHH.  Don’t tell Dave.  I have to be very very sneaky about that.

There are two downsides to the house… no dishwasher (I know, I said that was a deal breaker… but if you saw the house you would agree that it is amazing.)  We also lost our mudroom.  Now, the loss is somewhat mitigated by the extra closets we get with this new place.  But the mudroom/laundry room was nice because it housed dog stuff, soccer stuff, highschool soccer stuff, beer making stuff, cleaning stuff, etc.  So now we have to find places for all this stuff.

But its pretty cool.  Glad to be moving.  Will post more pics when I can take better house photos.

Got Stata set up to run some analyses (getting close to getting over the obstacle of the multilevel analyses) getting ready to go to the gym.

3 thoughts on “The Little Moves

  1. The problem with having a sister named Nicole and a son named Nico is sometimes one of them get credit for what the other one did. I had no idea that Nico was so techy. Love.


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