So the weekend came and went…. WOW. Got a lot moved on Saturday and Sunday, including a BEASTLY Ikea book shelf (one of those 4X4 cubby style shelves. We bought it at a yard sale for our friend LJ, who is moving away. I’d say that at this point, we are about 70% moved. I feel pretty good about the amount of stuff that I have gotten rid of. It goes a lot faster when you are getting rid of your husband’s stuff (just jokes… but not really ūüôā

Here is Nico helping to unpack…

I ended up staying up all night last night to grade papers. I promised my students they would have them back last night… but I didnt get to do a lot of grading this weekend. It was just like old times. For some reason, once I have committed to being up all night, I take that as a time to put on an old movie… something that I dont get too wrapped up, but entertaining enough to keep me awake. When I was in high school it used to be Braveheart. Well, last night I selected “Signs” from the Netflix instant viewer. Like I know that there are a lot of anti- M. Night people. But I contend that it contains 5 of the scariest movie minutes in the history of movies… they are towards the end- when Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix bring the kids out of the basement thinking the aliens are gone. Mel Gibson sets the boy on the couch and starts to move the TV into the living room… and its weird because it looks like bad shooting- the camera remains focuses in a weird way. But then the tube TV slides into the picture and you see a reflection of an alien. Holy Oh my God. It freaks me out to this day and I know it’s coming. I get heebie jeebies just thinking of it.

In any case… another reason I didnt get to any grading before 11 pm last night was LOST. ¬†Finally- its over. ¬†For those of you who don’t know- I came to LOST late- mid way through the 5th season. ¬†I watched the first four seasons last spring and watched season five in the fall. ¬†This is why Dave Royse is an amazing husband… because he indulges me on these things. ¬†He even attempted to watch some with me. ¬† He eventually lost patience with the improbability of the plot line. ¬†He didnt want to commit to going back and seeing the other five seasons… but was willing to let me attempt to try to explain what was going on.

My thoughts on the Series Finale? ¬†I am still thinking about it. ¬†I think that the producers oversold how emotionally satisfying it would be… all the loose ends being tied up and what not. ¬†But I think it is sort of fitting that a lot of people still have questions…. that is how the series went. ¬†I am not militant or anything. ¬†So that plus tonight’s series finale of 24 and I am closing the book on two TV relationships. ¬†You know what is VERY cool about this era of technology? ¬†When Nico gets old enough, we can watch some of these series together… not like 30 years ago when you watched something that was that till Nick at Night. ¬†So that is cool… Can’t wait till he gets past the age of malleable brain matter… so he can start watching TV! ¬†Whoot!!

All for now.  Got some data results that I need to do something with.  Hope you are all well.

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