How adorable is this kid?

Not much going on around here…. Dave and I are finishing up The Big Move… which is really just a bunch of little moves.  We have plans to head down to Wakulla for graduation tonight (the Sensational Seven are walking).  The weird/awesome thing about graduation in Wakulla?  Everyone shows up for it… it’s like a social event.  It’r pretty cool.

On a completely unrelated note… I have figured out a gap in the literature.  Not the academic-dissertation-infant-mortality research.  But a gap in fiction.  There does not appear to be a genre that I am overly interested in.  In a cursory search of amazon this morning (while waiting for an appointment to start), I realized that most “chick-lit” does not appeal to me for a variety of reasons, and I feel like I should do something about it.

I think most of chick-lit is geared for the sex and the city crowd (of which I don’t consider myself a part of- for a variety of reasons, but namely because I never understood women who consistently when faced with the choice of paying bills or buying expensive shoes, chose the later…and while we are on the topic of SATC… let me just go on record here… the only character that doesn’t need to be punched in the face in my book is Miranda… but only based on the process of elimination… Carrie is almost likeable, but doesn’t quite do it (based on previous statement about shoes).  Samantha’s singleminded obsession with sex makes her almost a caricture while Charlotte’s prudish-primness is annoying.  Dont get me wrong, I will probably see the second movie, but only because it’s two hours of my life… and I have wasted two hours of my life on worse endeavors…. but I digress) Pat Conroy usually does a pretty good job with character development, but his reads are so heavy (often dealing with themes of abuse, alcoholism, suicide, the Holocaust and the 60s and 70s). And I was really disappointed with his last book (South of Broad).  And most of the chick lit that is out there is about some girl’s quest to find a husband.  And it always ends the same way… girl gets boy.

So I really am left without a genre of fiction that I am interested in.  I would gladly read more non-fiction, its just that sometimes, you want to be entertained.  Maybe my standards have just gotten ridiculously high…Do I need to write it?

2 thoughts on “Entertaining?

  1. dear jessi,

    it's time to LISTEN to the harry potters. and try jodi piccoult (although she's as depressing as Conroy) or go totally crazy and try the alvin maker series by orson scott card. you might like some of the old school books like a member of the wedding, o' pioneer, heart of darkness. i don't consider it chick lit, or romance but The Proud Breed is great insite about California becoming a state. Believe it or not, i recently started listening to books off my high school british lit class … jane eyre and wuthering heights are really great books if you don't have to read them. oprah has some good books mentioned, but sometimes fiction should be fun and not make me feel guilty because I'm white, middle class and have never been a victim of a hate crime. good luck. you're welcome to any book off my shelves.



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