One fell down and bumped his head…

Holy WOW!!

I dont think that we could have fit anymore into this weekend.  It was off the chain!!

We started with graduation on Friday night.  The “Sensational Seven” walked on Friday night.  It was pretty cool.  This is the second graduation that we’ve gone to… I cant remember what we did for the first one, but I was in Africa when Lizzie and Melissa’s class graduated in 2008.  Last night was pretty cool… Wakulla county did not disappoint- everyone was there.  The stadium was packed (weird).

Our assistant coach JW came up with a trailer to help us move on Saturday… Dave and I had that swagger because we had already moved a bunch of stuff.  So when JW offered to make a third run with the trailer we passed it up, thinking “we got this.”  That is false.  Turns out, that we still have 2 solid days of moving ahead of us.  What could we be moving you ask?  I dont know… things like an under the bed tupperware container labeled “Very Important”.  What is in there is anyone’s guess.  But it seems important?  So Dave’s friend JF came over to help provide muscle.  Actual moving was short lived on Saturday though, because chatting around hotdogs grilling turned into Dave and Jessi being done early for the day.

Cue Sunday… more of the same.  Turns out moving is a pain in the ass.  Not only do you have to move, but you also have to clean .  Double that when a baby is involved, because guess who doesnt like to pull his weight?  Yeah, Nico… it was like moving with my brother (burn!! okay, just jokes…. JJ is awesome!)

So Sunday finally gives way to Monday and it looks like progress is being made.  So Dave makes a run for the new house and I am left with Nico.  Now you may begin to feel bad for him, because he spent most of the weekend in his “case”.  His “case” is a backpack that has a little stand on it, so you can take him off your back and set him on the ground- so he is kind of standing up (“case” is actually short for Nico’s pack that comes in the case… I think its funny to talk about him being in a case).  Anyways, I set him down on the floor in the hallway to fetch a bottle for him… when I hear this horrible loud crash.  I run into the hallway and find that he has pulled a dustbuster vacuum off of the shelf that is 5 feet over his head.  Now, I dont know if it actually hit him, but he was screaming his face off.  I figured that if it had actually hit him he would have been holding his head or something… and there was no blood or cuts or anything.  So maybe it just scared the hell out of him.  So I give him his bottle and he goes to sleep… BTW reason #4567 that babies are awesome:

Sleeping with their legs drawn up under them and their bottoms in the air.  I love it.  So adorable.  I digress.  So then I put Nico in his case and put him on my back and we’re walking around the house.  Now, mind you, having a kid in that thing=not being able to do MUCH.  Generally, they aren’t good for leaning over or being lithe and agile.  But I can clean okay… especially if I sit next to him.  Anyways… I am walking around the house trying to find stuff I can do when I venture into one of the back (now clean) bedrooms.  While I knew that Dave had cleaned the floor with the oil soap stuff, I was not aware of the slippery nature of this stuff…. and thus slipped and fell, as my mother would say, “a$$ over teakettle.”  With Nico in his case on my back.  Thankfully he was okay… but wow.  You would think that that would be it for the day… you would be wrong my friend.

So I go to do some work outside and I set Nico in his case on the ground, which is slightly uneven. I am walking around, shoveling or something when he starts to pitch a little bit of a fit… and promptly flips over on the ground. He didnt cry or anything, I think he was a little stunned.

In any case, as you can see by about 2pm, he was over moving.  If you are thinking, “hey! I recognize that guy!”  You would be mistaken- that is not Dirk Kuyt, the scrappy midfielder that plays for Liverpool and Holland.  This is actually a picture of Nico.  I know… with that fair skin and fair hair, they look very similar 🙂

So this afternoon, we took a break from the moving (and damaging Nico) to drive down to Wakulla.  One of our seniors signed her letter of intent with Johnson and Wales University to play ball.  It’s pretty exciting… takes our number of kids going to college to play ball to 2 this year and 4 total (not counting a softball player who is going this year).  It was really great to be there to witness her signing… I think it will definitely be good for her.

Tonight we pretty much wrapped up the moving… we have a couple of outdoor items and some cleaning stuff at the new house.  So we are running by in the morning to get it.  We absolutely adore the new house.  Nico’s room feels like it is about twice the size of the old one.  I feel like grabbing Nico’s arm and leg and spinning him around helicopter style around his room- that is how big it is.

Also contemplating all the fun stuff to do to the house… have bought a gallon of light blue paint.  Essentially, I am going to make like many Bishop women before and paint anything that doesnt get away fast enough.  First up is Nico’s changing table and a shelf for his room (whoot).  This new house is cool because it kind of rambles around in a compact way… if that makes sense… when you come in the front door you can make an immediate left and go to the living room, dining room, kitchen area as well as the “Florida Room” (<—deserves it’s own tangent somewhere).  Or you could go straight, get to Nico’s room and the office… or make an immediate right and get to our room.  In any case, the house is bigger and ramblier than the old house, so it is entirely possible for your husband to come back with dinner and scare the pee out of you because you were walking out of your infant son’s pitch dark nursery room and didnt see him in the hall nor hear him come home.  Not that that happened to me or anything… but I digress.

So to sum:  we have moved.  Nico survived (mostly).  I am jumpy now.  Awesome.

On an unrelated matter- I feel bad for his teachers tomorrow.  As a preschool teacher, I always liked the parents who were realistic about their kids… there were many a time when a parent would bring a kid in full-on meltdown mode and just set them on the floor in the middle of the room and say, “I’m sorry.  He is out of control today.”  It was refreshing- especially compared to other parents who thought that a kid misbehaving was my fault… that the problem was clearly with me.  So I am trying to be the former.  I am trying to be real about my kid….he is probably going to be off the chain this week… he hasnt been sleeping well (new room).  Plus he didnt get to bed until late (tonight).  Which likely means: OFF THE CHAIN.  Sorry Megan and Caitlin. My bad.

I have had my machine running stata for the last couple of days… and I am not sure what to think.  I am getting results that are either, “HOLY CRAP!!  THIS IS SUCH A GAME CHANGER!!  GIVE JESSI BISHOP-ROYSE A PHD NOW.  SHE IS AMAZING” OR “really?  how is this new?  or important? or worth a phd? kick her to the curb, stat.”

Yay!!  Research!!


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