So, Nico has been growing like a weed lately.  Here is what has been going on.

1).  6th tooth in (bringing total to 4 on top and 2 on bottom).  Whoot!!

2).  He is starting to be more gentle.  This is a win because he is always up in my grill and I am always up in his grill.  Seriously, it was past the point of being cute when he would try to scratch my face off- or pull my nose off my face.  He is starting to be more gentle… sometimes.  When he is in his case, he still tries to pull my hair out- but, what can you do?

3).  The girls at his school told us that we need to start putting shoes on him.  When they go outside, he likes to push a bike around the place- which is hard to do if you are running around barefoot like a little redneck baby.  The thing about shoes:  for most of our childhood my mom was pretty adamant that we wear leather shoes… not that mandmade leather stuff, but the good stuff… which is more expensive.  So while we may have only had one or two pairs of shoes, I never remember my feet hurting because my shoes were cheap.

In any case, the girls suggested I get this moccasin things at Target, which narrowed down my choices to basically two types…made by the same company.  One type that was $20.00 (made from leather) and one that was $12.00 (not made from leather).  I ended up going with the cheaper shoe (gasp) because I didnt have Nico with me.  Seriously.  Who doesnt take a baby shoe shopping (hell- I didn’t think about it).  I figured since I was guessing at the size, that I might as well get the cheaper ones, because well, I’d hate to spend the extra $$ for shoes that don’t fit.

So he is almost 10 months old, but has, what I think, are big feet, for real.  And boxy shaped too (just like Daddy).  In fact, if you were to picture the kind of feet that Maddox would draw (shaped like misshapen potatoes) you have both Dave and Nico’s feet.  I didnt think that the 6-12 months shoes would fit Nico, so I went with the 12-18 months shoes.  I figured if they were a little big, its okay because its not like he is running marathons or anything.

In any case, I put them on and was trying to figure out if they were the right size…his kept crunching his toes up… so I have no idea how big they are on his feet.  EPIC!!  Also can’t wait for him to get big enough to wear his Sambas… yeah, you know.  He is a little soccer dude, he has a pair of adidas indoors…. just like Mama and Daddy (cousins Emme and Maxipoo got them for him).

4. I took Nico to school yesterday and he cried when I dropped him off.

This is huge.  I never really thought he cared too much about me versus some other caregiver type.  I mean, even when he was nursing he was like, “yeah, whatever lady- i will work my cute on whoever shows up to get me.”  Yesterday was the first time he cried when I dropped him off… (I don’t usually drop him off, though).  It was the first time that I really got the sense that he knew what was going on… and that he realizes I am his Mom.  It was pretty awesome.

All for now.

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