ZOMG!! Cake!!

Not much to report… today. Except that I was in a terribly grumpy mood this morning- despite getting LOTZ of sleep last night.  However, that has since turned around… I attribute it to either:

1). Big soda during morning writing.
2). chilli cheese dog for lunch (mmmmmm).
3). Internetz at the house.
4). 5mg adderall.

Take your pick.

Went to a going away thing for FG last night.  He is going back to France.  It was fun but sad at the same time.  Fun in the sense that a lot of my favorites were there and I got the chance to catch up with a lot of them.  Sad in the sense that France is so far away… its like a totally other continent.  And also too, he is one of my closest friends.  He is one of the few friends that intersects most of my other circles of friends…

The house is still a disaster area, but we still love it.  The other day, we lost the dogs in the house.  Milka-what?  Yeah… we couldn’t find the dogs in the house.  Last night, as I was getting ready to go out, Dave couldn’t find me in the house.  Ha!!  Isnt that funny?  Even funnier is that this house is only 1400 sq feet.  It seems downright palatial.  Like Dave and I were discussing how to arrange the bed in our room and I realized that we could have it any way we wanted it, not just how it fit in there.  Craxy!!

Nico seems to really like his room… it has these two huge windows in the corner, where his crib is.  Yesterday afternoon we transplanted our sunflower seedlings to the ground just outside his room… so maybe he will see some sunflowers growing soon.

The job at DOH is still processing.  The person who is hiring me is playing phone tag with one of my references still.  My guess is that once she hears back, it wont be long till my “vacation” is over.

In an unrelated matter- I have started thinking about Nico’s birthday party (what?  that is how the Bishops roll, yo!!)  For Mother’s Day, Nico got me a book called, “The Essential Dessert Guide”… which is this great color cookbook of sweets. In any case, I was thinking it would be cool to make one from the book for his birthday… however, there is this other thing I want: to have a picture of Nico sitting on a table with a chocolate frosted cake (which is like a picture that my mom had of me).  The only problem is, that the chocolate cakes in this book are completely out of control- probably way too out of control for little kids (but not for their parents).  Or I could just stop this nonsense and get baby cupcakes, like a sensible mother.

And on a completely unrelated matter- this book has given me some ideas for the next Bishop Family Cupcake Competition (BFCC).  It is on!!

All for now… talk to you guys later!!

2 thoughts on “ZOMG!! Cake!!

  1. You've got that Bishop gall. Just remember where the cupcake crown resides and who's wearing it right now! That's right, I said it out loud.

    On a sweeter note, we can bake Nico a little layer cake that he can have for his own self. Just a little bigger than a cupcake — say 5 or 6 inches. Your guests might have a problem with eating a cake that he's mushed, but I won't. You know I will lick frosting off his face.


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