Who do you call about that?

So, it is 10:38 pm and I am supposed to be grading.  It is an assignment that needed to be graded a week ago, but I just havent gotten to it.  I have been dreading doing it all weekend, which has gotten me so that I have to grade these damn things before I go to bed 😦

Not a whole lot going on.  Dave and I spent most of the weekend unpacking and hanging with Nico.  We coached BBUSC yesterday (only three girls there- AWESOME!!).  Dave took point with Nico this morning and I went to campus for 4 glorious hours of dissertation work.  I promise you, there is nothing better than walking out of Bellamy after being productive on your dissertation for four hours.  It pretty much rulez!!

Looking forward to the World Cup starting soon.  My teams are The Netherlands and England.  The Netherlands because I am part Dutch, but also because one of my favorite GKs plays for the Orange (Edwin van der Saar).  England, because I watch those boys play, week in, week out throughout the entirety of the EPL…. so an England squad is pretty much like the EPL All-Stars.  In my spare-spare time, I have been reading Soccernomics on the Kindle, which is about soccer.  It talks about why England always think they should win the World Cup, when in reality, they have no more right to claim the title as anyone else. It is pretty interesting.

I guess that in order to watch games, we are going to have to get the TV set up.  Again, one of the things I hate about moving.  Currently, I have no idea where the DirectTV box is nor the DVR… and the TV is on the floor.  We haven’t had time to fully unpack and we got rid of our sofa… can’t really justify sitting around on the floor watching a whole lot of TV right now… especially since there isn’t much good tv on now, with LOST and 24 being off the air and Bones being over for the Season.  Meh…

It rained cats and dogs here this weekend.  Bad wind too, knocked trees down in Myers Park.  In an unrelated matter, Dave and I have noticed the most foul odor coming from the kitchen.  Like something died… but we can’t figure out where.  Its pretty gross… we can’t really smell it outside and there doesn’t appear to be any corpses of any kind actually in the kitchen.  So we think maybe something died under the house?  I don’t know.  Hell- can you even call someone about this?  I thought about calling the Leasing Company, but my guess is that they would be jerks about the situation.

I posted this on facebook, but thought that I would put it here, because it is so adorable… look at the boy!!  That is a defender, all the way!!  Man!!  He is already better than Rio Ferdinand.

Also, I have a new favorite thing: babies in board shorts.  I like.

Alrighty, then.  I guess it’s back to work for me.  😦

2 thoughts on “Who do you call about that?

  1. That guy would look cute in any kind of shorts. I'd like to see father/son board shorts. I'm assuming you mean surf “board” shorts — not chairman of the board shorts?



  2. Update – tonight the smell is gone. Either the thing came back to life, got some febreeze, or some other critter came along and ate it. the kitchen seems to smell mostly like pork chops and Indian spices now.


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