Not much exciting to report. Except that I ruled at Stata today. I have had this problem with one of my variables, that I couldnt figure it out. Mama got it figured today. Stata just needed a little bullying: BOOM!!

About Sunday night: sorry if that was too much information about the smell coming from the kitchen. I sometimes forget that you guys dont want to know every gory detail of our crazy lives! Ooopsies!!

Unpacking is still going. Frankly, its kind of annoying. I wish that we could come back from practice and find that magic gnomes have broken in and put all the stuff away. That would be amazing. It is just tricky because when you’re unpacking in a new place, you have to put some thought into where you want stuff. Like, where does it make sense? And we also are having to deal with some new realities. Like no mudroom. At the old house it was great because there was at least a little storage place for things like, the tool box, beer brewing supplies, soccer stuff, the saw, etc. And our laundry room now is attached to a bathroom (weird). Just trying to get it figured. On the upside, the DirecTV people are coming tomorrow to set up service. Woo hoo!! Just in time for the World Cup. Speaking of which… take a gander at this (Mom, make sure that JJ sees this, he would think it is cool):

Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Not much new to report on the Nico front. In the evenings when he has started to meltdown at dinner, he is pointing at his noise. I dont know what this means. I have been looking in it… thinking that maybe he stuck a rock up there or something. Turns out he is just being weird.

Most of the sunflowers I planted outside his room have died. I think the dogs may have had something to do with this. When they go tromping around the yard, I have noticed that they aren’t really careful about where they step 😦 So I guess I am going to have to start some more in pots. Our tomatoes, green peppers and hot pepper are going pretty well right now. I also have some watermellons going too, but I have heard that sometimes they are hard to transplant… so the jury is still out. I think I may need to fertilize them.

It’s weird, because I have known people who have had babies, and I have always been amazed at the amount of stuff they have.  Just random stuff, little baby food containers, ribbons, bottle caps, waterbottles, etc.  I didnt know why until I had a baby: BABIES WILL PLAY WITH ANYTHING.
Seriously.  They will.  No joke.  I have tried to make sure that he has a variety of “toys” to play with…things with different sizes, textures, purposes and sounds.  I keep a bag or box of toys in his Pack n Play, his room and the car (for soccer practice).  They mostly consist of a book or two, blocks or rings, a scarf, bottles with pennies or beans in them, etc.  When I was cleaning out the linen closet, I found a pouf that I didnt know we had and that had never been used before.  Guess what makes a great toy?
My question is this:  What is he doing?

One thought on “Boom!!

  1. Wait a minute, it seemed like they were missing someone in the Nike video. Truth is, I was roofing the day they shot it. Turned out okay though.


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