England, Cranes and TSA


Not much to say about the weekend.  It started with a FAIL for me on Friday.  I set up some analyses to run and decided to go on a bike ride.  Four miles out and back on the trail.  I told myself I would work hard and then go take a quick dip in the new FSU pool (out by the Mag Lab).  I got there at 231.  The pool closed at 230 for swim team practice.  So I was a little annoyed.  But then Dave suggested that I go to Wade Wehunt, which is in Myers Park.  Since I had already picked Nico by then… we ended up going swimming. And it was awesome.  Nico was a little unsure for a while, but then he started to really like it.  Isn’t a big fan when Mama dunks us under, but…. he liked swimming for the most part. His favorite part seemed to be hanging onto the side wall all by himself.  It was pretty cool.  Worth every penny of the $3.50 we spent to get into the place.

Saturday we had practice… which sucked.  I can’t lie.  I knew, intellectually, that those Saturday morning practices sucked last year when we started them… but it really is a boon for Dave who has a hard time getting to practices during the week.  But Saturday was hot and muggy and gross.  Nico was over practice almost as soon as we got there.  Can’t say I blame him all that much.

Afterwards, we came home to watch a little England v. USA soccer.  I cheer for England.  Yeah- what of it?  Here is the thing:  I spend most of the Fall-Winter-Spring watching England… almost all of their National Team starters play for the major clubs in England.  So the National team games are kind of like All-Star games… when there are more than three of our starters playing in England, we can talk about me cheering for the US. Until then, go Lions!  In any case, my heart broke a little for Robert Green (the GK).  What is really shitty in this teched up society is that the goal he gave up for the tie will be noted in his Wikipedia entry (or his obit).  Personally, I blame Capello… fact is, every guy that steps onto pitch needs to have confidence that he is the man for the job, GKs need it more than anyone.  They live and die by confidence… seriously.  The best GKs have that swagger- that cockiness, that arrogance.  With all the talk about Calamity James maybe being the go-to  guy, my guess is that Robert Green was a bundle of nerves when he stepped onto pitch.  That is when you see mistakes like that goal.  Heart breaking.  Of course, it may not all be lost… he might end up like Jersey Dudek in the Champions League final in 2005… Dudek was the reason Liverpool were down by three goals at half time in the Final. But he came up big twice against Shevchenko at the end of regulation.  Then he SAVED TWO PKs in the ensuing shoot out.  So now whenever anyone talks about Dudek, they dont generally bring up the three terrible goals he gave up early on… but rather as him being the hero of Liverpool in the shootout (worthy of his own song and dance: “Du the Dudek” check it out here:

Wow. That was a long tangent.

So Nico watched a little of the England game… but was mostly ready for a nap… not much happened on Saturday night except that we hung around the house.  Sunday, I rode my bike to campus to work on the Ole Dissertationaroo. I had forgotten how much the ride to campus sucks from anywhere in Tallahassee (damn you hills!!)  When I was done on campus, I came home and ended up taking Nico to TSA to watch Dave play soccer- which was pretty fun. When we got home, I started putting together a mobile that I have been wanting to make for Nico. I ordered the origami cranes a while ago on Etsy (sorry the picture isn’t better).  I thought they might make a cool mobile for his room.  Yes,it is pretty sweet.  Thank you very much!

Altogether, a pretty good weekend, I think.

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