The old wake up at 530 trick…

Don’t have much to share- except that I like my new job.  I am not doing much right now- just first days employee stuff.  But I like the people here.  And I dont have anyone in my grill.  Most importantly, is that I dont mind being at work… even when  130 hits and I need a nap (real bad).  I dont hate my life… like I did at the other place.  Here, I feel like an actual bonafide member of a team… people care if I come to work!  Whoot!

I have a cube right now, which is kind of depressing in a sense… because it is a cube.  But at least it is a nice cube… and they havent tried moving it closer to the door.  And I am already on the lowest floor, so its not like I have to worry about them moving me down to the basement (extra points for those of you who picked up on the Office Space reference).

My computer came in yesterday- it is a laptop that sits in a docking station.  So that is pretty cool… apparently I am also getting a huge monitor as well, so I will be able to sit in my car and work from there.
Other than that, things are going okay.  We have been trying to figure out a process for the morning- that helps Dave get some work done and gets me out the door on time.  The main solution that we have so far is waking up earlier… I have found that getting up between 530-545 am to work pretty well.  When my work hours switch to 7-4, I think I will either start getting up at 430… or I am going to have to be a lot better about getting my act together at night 😦
Nico is doing well.  Sleeping well.  On one hand, I worry that he is maybe not sleeping enough, since it seems to be pretty heavy sleep at night.  But he is always bright eyed and bushy tailed at 645am.  So, who knows?  He got poop on his shoe the other day… seriously?  How the hell does that happen?  I didnt know about it till yesterday morning… so its not like there was time to wash it.  When I did get around to washing it, I reminded myself to throw both shoes in the wash, otherwise, he would look ridiculous with one clean shoe and one not so clean shoe.  I patted myself on the back for reminding myself to do that… and for being an awesome mom.  It wasn’t until I went to get the load of clothes out of the wash that I realized that while I was awesome for reminding myself to get the non poopy shoe, I didnt actually do it.  So, despite my best efforts, Nico went to school this morning with a somewhat clean shoe and a somewhat dirty one.  Oh, well.  What are you going to do?
Both my teams are through in the World Cup (England and Holland (probably- they already have two wins and play Cameroon today, I think)).  I dont see England staying alive much after the first round… they have been crap.  But, surprisingly, the US has been class… so I am somewhat amused.
All for now.

4 thoughts on “The old wake up at 530 trick…

  1. Few things-
    1) glad you like the people at your job…it makes a huge difference. i have the laptop/docking station setup too and I love it! I have a double monitor though instead of one really big one. i just have two pretty big ones. it takes up space on my desk but allows me to get soooo much more done. i multi-task like a son of a bitch. you should consider it.
    2) i am on the “get up at 5:45, work at 7 schedule” and it will get easier for you. You do get into the routine and start to realize what you need to do the night before versus that morning. of course we have it a little easier because O is still at home and i don't have to get her ready for daycare yet. getting to work at 7 is so much better. phone doesn't ring, emails don't come in at a rapid pace…you get so much more done. the only downside is that i'm in bed by 11:00 each night. no more late nights for me for awhile.
    3) as long as nico had both shoes on (clean or not), you're a great mom. and if they match, bonus points!

    hup holland hup!


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