Dunkin his own self under!

Seriously- can he be any more adorable?

Today was a great day!!  We had BBUSC this morning… and it was hot.  The bank clock at Wakulla bank said it was 104 degrees.  BARF.  Again- adding to the case for living somewhere cooler.

When we got home this afternoon, Nico caught a nap and we showered, to head up to Miller’s to watch the US game.  Which was disappointing, if you are a huge US fan.  But if you’re not, it is pretty much par for the course.

When we got back from Miller’s, I filled up Nico’s pool.  Dont know if I mentioned it or not, but my mom sent Nico an early birthday present: an inflatable pool.  Its pretty awesome… you blow it up and then fill it with water.  If I sit in it, it comes up to about my shoulders, which is perfect height for Nico to cruise around- and I dont have to worry about him bumping his face if he falls down or runs into the side.

I had to get finger printed yesterday, so I took part of my lunch and stopped by the house on the way to the office to get the pool set up.  I got it up and ready to go and then the skies opened up and it was like Noah’s time up in here!  Which was a shame, because the reason I took the time to do it mid-afternoon is that I wanted to let the water get a little warmer for Nico.  So we ended up skipping it yesterday and trying again today.  I will admit the water was a little cool for my liking- but we got in just before dinner.  And he loves it.  LOVES LOVES LOVES it.  He was a little nervous at first… but once he figured out that he could cruise around, holding onto the side, he was off!!  At one point, he actually took 3 steps away from me towards the side, mostly unassisted (just my hand on his bum for balance).  Yeah… it was awesome.  Even better, is that he gets his face wet (mostly on accident), and he is starting to realize that its okay…. unlike before when I took him in the pool or in the ocean and dunked us under, in his pool he is responsible for his own self… so if it happens, it happens… and hopefully he doesnt think I am trying to drown him.

So that is about all I got for now.  He has had a real hard time settling tonight.  Seems like he has been waking up every 45 minutes or so.  😦  It hasnt been too bad, because I have been up late doing data stuff and whatnot.  But I am getting ready to go to bed and that nonsense needs to stop.

Doing some data work in the morning… hopefully, I will catch some England v. Germany in the morning.
More later.

One thought on “Dunkin his own self under!

  1. love love love that picture! so glad that Nico is loving the water. It's so hard to play outside in the summer when it's 100+…so it's nice when they like the water.

    We should plan some pool time when we are out there in August?


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