Christmas and Education Boss

Overall, we had a pretty good weekend around here. We had a pretty disappointing Sunday morning… England continued their mantra of sucking it up on the field… and were tidily disposed of by Germany. I would like to be mad about this…  Lamps hit one in that wasn’t counted, Stevie G virtually disappeared and David James lived up to his nickname Calimity James. But the fact is, England were terrible. Sketchy defending- crap goalkeeping and my boy Wayne Rooney might as well have stayed home.

Dave took Nico out for breakfast and to run some errands. I did some data work and some grading 😦 Yesterday afternoon; we got in the pool, which he continues to LOVE. Seriously- he is sooooo close to walking. I have a video of him in the pool- which I will try to post later. I don’t know if it is the pool or what, but both Saturday and Sunday nights, he had a hard time sleeping. Of course, this could also be the weekend. Or maybe his mouth is bothering him. In any case, he was up a lot last night, wailing and thrashing. Or it could be that we mess up his schedule and it’s hard for him to settle… I don’t know. I hope its not that.

On a completely unrelated matter- remember the day last week when Nico went to school with one clean and one not so clean shoe on? The same day, Dave went to work with two different shoes on!! One new black shoe and one old black shoe!! HA!! And another day last week, he left the house with half of his face shaved. This probably gives some insight into how things are around here in the mornings!!

This week, Dave and I are going to go through the steps to get a somewhat regular babysitter. There is a company here in town that one of his coworker’s uses… who does background checks, etc. They are also somewhat full service, because they can go pick kids up, stay with them over night and when they are sick. But it makes me nervous none-the-less. The other option is we switch Nico’s childcare. Which I don’t want to do… I mean, it is already going to be traumatic enough when we move away from Tally… I don’t think I want to change him, even if their hours aren’t terribly convenient. So we are going to try this for a while- to help fill in the gaps…

Aside from that- not much going on. I realized the other day that its almost mid-summer and I don’t have any Christmas projects started yet. And on top of that, I have some Christmas stockings to finish (mine and Dave’s). Plus, Nico needs a Christmas stocking now. I guess I better get on it..

All for now.

3 thoughts on “Christmas and Education Boss

  1. Education Nazi….I guess the question is this? Do you want to teach at a full-blown research institution and get tenure and all that? Finish the Ph.D. Do you want to do anything else but that? Scrap the Ph.D., get the second masters for free. And yes, the tuition waiver applies towards any state school. And I'm sure if your dissertation advisor guy is reading this, he will hunt me down and punch me in the face.


  2. Oh, there is no question, I am finishing my PhD. I am not going to walk away from the longest investment I have made in anything… I was just contemplating picking up an MPH… and it would definitely feel like picking it up… I already know how to be in graduate school… I know how to do research already. My guess is that I could do one standing on my head. My only concern is that both programs are about 42 credit hours… at 6 hours a semester, would take 2.5 years. Of course, it might also be nice to not have to be balls to the walls for a while…


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