A Rant

If you put your kid to work doing chores, you’re not really violating child work labor laws, right?

What?  You think 10 months is a little young to start doing chores?  Well, JCD’s dad would probably disagree with you.  So there.  What?  Who else is going to clean this place up?  Drake and Gordon?  Come on!!  You know Drake!  He is le tired!

Not much going on around here.  I have today off.  Yes, I have been working this job for five seconds- turns out all career service state employees get a personal day (called a personal holiday) regardless of when one starts.  Since the year runs July 1 to June 30, I got my personal holiday today (whoop!).  I found myself paralyzed with the possibilities for a day off.  I could go see a movie.  Get a haircut. Work on data.  Clean the house.  Do crafts.

One thing I had to do was finish grading and posting assignments.  I even stayed up late last night to get these done (I didn’t- but I got close).  So I was looking forward to busting it on grading, doing a little cleans, maybe set up some data runs and then playing hookie from about 1pm on.  So I take Nico to school and get a call from Dave that the 4Runner wont start.  Milka-what?  Yeah…. we sort of planned for it, that I would take him to work today because the 4Runner needed a new starter.  So instead of meeting Dave at the shop, I came home and have been killing time until I can take him to work 😦  Yeah… you know how towards the end of the life of a car loan you start thinking about what is going to happen once the car is paid off.  Will we need to get another?  What if it dies?  We will sell it and start a new loan with a new car or just keep it?  We decided to keep the 4Runner because we just replaced the transmission, timing belts, etc.  thinking that with the major stuff having just been taken care of, surely there isnt anything else that would need to be fixed on it.  That is false.  So that was a little frustrating.  Thankfully I am off today… if this had happened yesterday, I dont know what I would have done.

Speaking of being between a rock and a hard place, we are starting the process of retaining the services of a baby sitting company here in town.  We are going to meet today with a sitter and starting that process.  Which is good.  That will take some of the heat off us… meaning that if Nico gets sick, a sitter can stay at home with him, and I dont have to burn up annual leave that I dont have yet.


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