Lost my damn mind…


Sometimes you get on a bad run.  You blog hop from one to the next to the next to the next… and sometimes you’re just looking for anything… anything to be inspired.  Anything to make think, “ooooooooh, and ahhhhhhhhhh.”  And sometimes its reallly unfulfilling.

Then there are other times where you blog hop and just become so overwhelmed with all of the awesome.  The best way I can use to describe it is how my nephew Maddox was when I went out to Dallas in April for PAA.  Where he would start a sentence then, start another one and start another one.  That just happened to me.  I was like, OMG- I can’t believe how amazing this is… then I thought, this is amazing too… it’s crazy.  I want to do this.  Seriously, I feel like a kid in a candy store- over stimulated, distracted and out of control.

This is how bad it is… I saw this and fell in love.  I really want to make it. Not for me, because I dont do ruffles.  But for someone little:
I clearly, have lost my damn mind.  In any case, I can’t wait till Emme is older, because I think she needs a skirt like this.
In any case- I am glad it is Friday.  Not because I do hard work like my Dad and brother.  But because I am looking forward to hanging out with the boys.  The last two mornings I have left for work before Nico has woken up.  Do you have any idea how much that sucks?  And last night one of Dave’s coworker’s wives wanted to keep Nico while we were at practice… so when we got home, Nico was asleep.  He woke up for a little to make it known that he was annoyed to be wearing a wet diaper… but then went back to sleep.  I am seriously needing some Nico cuddlez!!
On the upside- at practice last night, both Dave and I got to play at the same time.  Of course, lets be honest- I probably shouldnt be playing.  Ever.  Especially yesterday… where on my run at lunch time, I ate it face first… seriously.  I ran down Esplanade to Blairstone and was coming back, determined to attack that beast of a hill with gusto.  And promptly caught my foot and fell down, banging both knees and scraping my elbow and hand.  The thing is, when I fall, I really just want to lay on the ground and gather my wits about me.  But so often, I am afraid that someone is watching and they will be forced to come ask if I am okay… then I have to laugh it off sheepishly, like!!  Ha!! That big kid just fell down!  So I got up and walked it off.  But since we didnt have Nico at practice, I felt like I should play.
I was completely out of control.  Because you know what happens when you’re slow under the best of conditions (and out of shape)?  The professional foul!!  For real… last night DH ran by me and I grabbed his shirt and basically just stopped running, which wouldnt have been too bad, except that he kept the ball and managed to get off a good pass.  FAIL (for me).
Oh, and that is not even talking about the attempted bike I had.  Milka-what?  You say?  Yeah… it was ugly.  This is what Dave Royse had to say about the attemped bike: “Bishop- you couldn’t do a bike 10 years ago.”  Yeah… the man does have a point.  But I got points for trying.  Apparently.
Well, that is about all I have to say about that.  I am off… Yesterday, I learned about National Incident Management.  Today I am learning about Ethics. Try not to be jealous.

2 thoughts on “Lost my damn mind…

  1. I thought the ball was worthy of a bike attempt, even if it did end badly. Points to you for recognizing the opportunity.

    I was obliterated by the DH twice last night. I assume you saw where I literally wrapped my arms around him and he kept running? That goes beyond professional foul.

    Needless to say, it was the most fun I've had in at least a week, so I'm glad you played! More playing!!!


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