Nico < 3 Icecream

We had a pretty good weekend with the Beast. 

Saturday morning, I got Nico out of the house to let Dave sleep in (although he didnt sleep in, he woke up and did some stuff around the house).  We ended up heading up to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Nico loves hashbrown casserole and pancakes (with syrup) not to mention biscuits and gravy (turns out more than just a little Bishop runs through this kid).  We ran by Joanns to get some fabric for curtains for his room.  It is ridiculously light in his room during nap times.  I can’t help but think that it would be hard to stay asleep if I had to sleep in a room that was as bright as the shining day.  I  was a little disappointed on the curtains, because I really really really wanted to make them out of this fabric: 

I love this fabric.  In fact, I would probably marry this fabric, if given half the chance.  Isn’t it cool?  In any case, I have been planning on making the curtains out of this fabric since we moved into the new house.  So imagine my dismay when I went to get it on Saturday and the store didnt have any?  Highly annoyed.  So because I am impulsive like that, I ended up buying some striped fabric instead (greens and browns and blues).  I think that this striped fabric will probably end up working better- because it is darker.  But I am pretty annoyed about it. 
Dave had a Man: Win this weekend.  Our kitchen sink drain was really slow, despite the bottle of draino that Dave had poured down it.  So he gets under the sink on Saturday and starts tinkering about.  I tell him that he probably needs to call the landlord and have them fix it, because it was likely beyond his level of skill.  Well, he ended up offering me a slice of crow pie later because he fixed it- despite the fact that I was naysaying 
We went to a fourth of July party on Saturday night up on the north side of town (might as well have been in Georgia).  We had a really nice drive home out in the country (even if we did almost hit a deer). 
Sunday was pretty low key- we just hung out and did stuff around the house.  We ended up going to a Nene neighbor’s house for a 4th of July party- which was pretty fun.  Nico was a peach and ate half a mixing bowl of blueberries.  Speaking of Nico noms- home boy also loves ice cream- just like his Dad.  At the party, we played a game called Taboo (where you try to get your team to say a word on the card but you cant use a set of other words).  I was on the girls team and we lost… despite the fact that I am a ringer. 
Monday we didnt do much except get some groceries and go to the book store (to get a birthday gift for Maddox).  Nico has officially past the hip baby stage.  I set him down on the floor near the books and he was tearing everything up.  Seriously, he can tear books down off the shelf faster than I can put them up.  Out of control!!
Last night, Dave made Beef Vindaloo (which real indians would never make because they wouldnt use beef) which was delicious.  Guess what I am having for lunch today?  Leftovers: WIN!!
So that was our weekend!!  Hope yours was fabulous! 
The BBUSC girls have a scrimmage tonight against the grown women.  Hopefully the weather holds.  🙂

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