Shrieky McShriekerson!

Quick post today.  Today is the first day with the new sitter… I am currently at Starbucks getting ready to squeeze in a couple of hours of dissertation before I go home.  Today was a good day… felt like I did some good work.  They are starting to put me on some Data Entry…WHOOOO HOOOOO!!  You have no idea… some people (especially those that analyze data) scoff at DE… I dont mind it, because it is kind of mindless in the sense that I can think about other things… but its also great, because it is a perfectable universe.  I have total control over the data… love it.

Discovered Grooveshark today. AMAZING!!  It is an online radio site that lets you set up a play list.  I am trying on some hyped up tunes before settling in for some writing- revisions and table working… Whoot!!

Nico has a new thing that he is doing, which is soooo adorable.  He is starting to share.  Last night at the soccer field, he offered his sippy cup to Dad during water breaks (Dave was reffing our scrimmage against the Tally Women).  Last night, he would eat a blue berry, then offer me one, then he ate one, then he would offer me one. He thinks its funny when I dont pick it up with my fingers, but try to bite the blueberry out of his hand.  It is pretty much hilarious!!

He also hates being confined.  Hates going into the high chair, car seat, etc.  I hope it means that he would rather just be running around on the floor… and is only a phase.  Hopefully, he will figure out soon that the less he fights it and lets us get on with it, the quicker we can do what we are doing and the faster that he can get back to whatever it is that he wants to do.

Something really scary and weird happened last night- we got him to sleep and put him in his crib.  And maybe 45 minutes later, he wakes up crying.  Then he starts shrieking… sounds like he is in horrible pain.  It was crazy.  We never did figure out what was going on.

All for now.  Hope you’re well!!

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