Here is a picture of Nico helping go through some of my crafting stuff.  He is saying, “Trash, trash, trash…. throw this away, throw this away, trash, trash, trash.” Frankly, I am offended.
Not much going on around here.  I wish I had something exciting to report.  Oh, someone who saw my abstract in the PAA program from this year is editing a book on Demography, Public Health and Nursing.  This person contacted me yesterday to see if I would be interested in making that paper I presented a chapter in the book.  I am not sure how legitimate the offer/request was- so I sent it on to IE to see what he thought.  I had sent the paper off to a journal and got back a revise and resubmit… and before I sent the paper to the book people, I would obviously redo the analyses and the write up, incorporating the comments I got back during the review… which I need to do anyway for the R and R.  To me, I see no reason to NOT do it, except for the fact that it might just be accepted in this book, which would preclude it from being published as the article.  So we will see.
I also got an offer from the Department to TA again in the fall.  This is tricky for me, because Dave and I were just talking about how awesome it will be when I am done TAing this semester (because I have had to pull several all-nighters to grade).  But you dangle some moneh’s in front of my face, and I am forced to reconsider.  On one hand, 3 grand buys an awful lot of toys for Nico… but on the other hand, I am quite the Beast when I have only gotten 6 hours of sleep in 2 days.  I just don’t know.
Other than that, not much new to report.  Dave and I are trying to keep the house in it’s current state of cleanliness.  I am trying to put 15-20 minutes a day into picking up things, putting away, folding laundry, etc.  everyday.  Which doesn’t sound like much time now, but when it is 1130 and you’re falling asleep at your computer while grading undergraduate papers, it is a lot.
I have decided that I need  a piece of furniture that I am not even sure exists.  Basically, it is a huge armoire with lots of storage- but, and here is the kicker…. it has a slide out or pull out table top thing, that stands at about waist-height, so that one could fold laundry on it.  Any of my Dallas or Orlando peeps ever see something like this in Ikea? I want one!!
In an unrelated matter- I have finaly gotten off my ass and done it… long before Nico came a year ago, I was in a constant serach for the Perfect Bag.  Really… it has been a life-long quest.  In this quest, I have surmounted quite the collection of bags… from the fantastically wonderful knock off Dolce and Gabana to the sling Adidas Bag, to the Adidas Sling backback, to the grey blue bowling ball bag that I am currently carrying.  Each of these bags has an element that I consider integral to the Perfect Bag.  The Dolce bag is stylish and has a couple of great, useful pockets.  The adidas sling has several key pocket placements, including a cell phone pocket on the chest strap, but is not big enough for a laptop. The adidas backback has plenty of room, but not a lot of shape, so it sometimes gets real bulky… etc.  Clearly these problems would be expounded by the diaper bag process-given the exponential amount of stuff that I carry around.
So, I got fed up with it… and went on Etsy to put in an alchemy request.  I am currently working with four different sellers who are each bidding to do a bag.  I will eventually probably narrow it down to 2, and have two made, with the PLAN to keep one and give one away (I happen to know several moms).  That is the PLAN, but more likely, Mama is going to end up with two new diaper bags!!  Be jealous!!
So that is it.  That is the most exciting news I have to report.  Arent you glad you tuned in today?

2 thoughts on “THE PERFECT BAG!! ZOMG!!

  1. I have actually seen your armoire thingy with the slide out table…people use them as like a mini office type thing.

    Cody's cousin took a regular armoir and then just bought drawer hardware at Home Depot to do it. I bet it would be a lot cheaper to buy an armoire on Craigs List and hire a handy man to rig it up for you than it would be to try to buy one AS IS????


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