Tie baby…

So the director of Nico’s childcare place took this picture of him yesterday.  Seriously, how cute can he be.  I thought this caption would be appropriate: 

“Mommies, look at your baby, now look at me, look at your baby, now back to me. Sadly, he is not me. But he could be cute like me, if he had a tie onesie and not some silly onesie with a truck on it. Mommies, look at your baby, now look at me, now back to your baby, now back to me. What is …this? It is a bottle with formula. Now look again, its a bottle with champaigne…”

See, it’s like this commercial:
Ha!!  Sorry copied content (I put this up on facebook last night).  But some people I know refuse to get a facebook page… yes, LH, that is the sound of you being thrown under the bus 🙂 
Let’s talk about the fact that Nico can hold his own bottle.  When did that start?  Milka-what?  I could have set him down on the floor with a boppy and he could feed himself?  Wha-WHAT?  I have been duped!!  Unless he never showed me he could hold his own bottle because he wanted to have Mama-Nico time?  In which case, how adorable is that?
Other than that- that is all we have around here.  I know, these posts are boring… we’re not doing much.  Just trying to get through the week.  Maybe there will be something more exciting to report tomorrow?

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