Talky McTalk…

I have been lamenting to Dave how I just feel like I dont have time for anything these days (being a good TA, finishing Dissertation, being a good Mom, coaching stuff, trying to keep the house from looking like homeless gypsies live here) when it occurred to me that maybe my priorities are a little out of whack.  So rather than complaining about not having enough time in the day, I have decided I need to scale back blogging for a while.  Because even the quick posts take 15-30 minutes out of my day, that  I could be mopping the kitchen floor with.  Also, our life isn’t terribly exciting right now… not having exciting news to report+daily commitment to blog= inner monologue becoming outer monologue (and lets be real, its never good when that happens).

In any case, we had a pretty fun weekend.

The girls scrimmaged on Saturday against the U14 boys Wakulla TOF team.  Technically it is a coed team that several of our girls play on.  We had Froddo in goal (who wasnt there the last time, when we lost 5-1).  We also had Dave’s coworker’s sons Sam and Kai.  Sam has been playing with us on Thursday nights (during our fitness/pickup nights).  With his help we tied 2-2 (he had an assist and a goal).  I am glad that we started letting him play with us- he’s a good kid, and I think he gets a lot out of it.

We also went to a wedding this weekend.  One of our former players (class of 2008) got married to her high school sweetheart.  So we went down to Woodville for the wedding.  Nico decided that he was going to be a Talky McTalk during the wedding ceremony, so I ended up watching most of it from the nursery at the church.  I went to Old Navy on Saturday looking for something to wear to the wedding and lost my damn mind.  I normally dont lose my mind clothes shopping because I hate it so much.  But there was a plethora of cute clothes for Nico.

Seriously, I had been lamenting the fact that Nico is so big now- there are no cute boy clothes in the 12-18 month range at my go-to store (Target).  But now that I have seen what Old Navy has to offer, I might be a convert.  Will try to get some pics up of Nico in some of his new clothes soon.

He is off the chain!!  Walks really well if you hold one of his hands.  Still likes tearing the kitchen up.  Still likes doors.  Right now he is fascinated with the green bottle of garnier mouse that is under my bathroom sink.  Can’t believe that he will be one in two weeks.

We went over to UKK’s house on Sunday and played with her daughter Savi. Nico played well with her… which I guess isn’t that big of a surprise- given that he goes to daycare and socializes all day with other kids (speaking of which, his little school girl friend is coming to his birthday party).  I think with Savi in the mix now, it’s a little bit like this:

Got some good dissertation work in this weekend.  I am getting close to the end.  It feels so weird… I wonder if I will have separation anxiety when I finally defend it.  I wonder if when Nico and Dave go off to have awesome Dad and Boy time (like when they go have delicious breakfasts at Jim and Milt’s or IHOP without me), if I will just sit in my chair and stare blankly at he computer.  Lost.  Wondering what it is that I should be doing…

2 thoughts on “Talky McTalk…

  1. Honey, don't be acting like Mama didn't teach you how to use a few empty hours. Hello, sewing machine. What's going on bucket of beads. Any kind of film-athon should have your name written on it. And blogging…for Nico and to satisfy that creative bent you have in your soul that you refuse to unleash. Fleamarkets. Craft shows. Tub time. Those are all easier to do solo. Until Nico is old enough to help carry purchases or swing a paint brush. Let me know if you need any more ideas…:)


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