No more monkeys jumpin’ on the bed!!

So, Nico was home sick yesterday (was running a fever at the end of school on Wednesday).  We kept him home yesterday (which included burning up the sick day I was planning to take the Friday before Nico’s brithday which was to be the time for pulling things together for his party).  This is actually better because now I will stay up late all next week and be a MEGA BEAST by Friday morning, which Dave loves 🙂

Seriously: how cute are juicy little baby legs jumping on the bed? Can’t you just eat those legs up?  I tell you what- put a little BBQ sauce on them…

I tried doing the “Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed” song with Nico, complete with the gestures.  He looked uncconvinced at my singing abilities.  He will learn!!

Speaking of learning:  he is conquering signs… he seems to know the sign for MORE (put your finger and thumb together on each hand, now point the hands towards each other and make the fingers touch.  I think its pretty awesome. He may know the sign for MILK but we’re not quite sure, because it’ve very similar to how he waves goodbye.  So either he is saying that he would like some milk or he is saying good bye… so who knows?

The THE ALL-TIME FUNNIEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TOME AS A PARENT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT.  So we get home from soccer and Dave takes care of the shower situation with Nico and gets in the shower himself.  I take Nico and dry him off and kind of let him hangout in the bathoom with us, while I am talking to Dave about soccer.  Nico is pretty content trying to get in the cabinent and jumping on the scale (he isn’t wearing a diaper at this point- because I figured he would like to be naked for a while, and not have a diaper on… because, well diapers can get OLD I imagine).  When Dave gets out of the shower, I go to pick up Nico and see that he has, indeed peed on the scale.  Which I think is funny.  What I didn’t notice was that he also went #2 on the scale… I thought it was a piece of electical tape or sock or something.  Dave actually noticed it first…Our kid basically said, “This scale is good…. FOR ME TO POOP ON!!”  Yeah, that is special!! I have to admit- I laughed about that for a good 10 minutes, even as I was cleaning POOP OFF OF A SCALE.  Seriously, who does that?  And in case you were wondering, Yes, I did learn my lesson: which is to make sure the business ends of babies are covered up…ALWAYS.

Not much new to report- I lost my damn mind a little bit last week.  I ended up on when they were having a huge sale on some high end quilting fabrics.  Seriously, they were practically giving the fabric away.  What was I going to do?  And it was free shipping on orders over 35.00?  I could have ordered only 5 dollars worth of fabric, but it would have seemed like I was throwing money away.   Oh well, what are you going to do? 

Have a new iphone app that I am currently in love with…called “tap, tap, tap”.  It is a camera app that lets you edit photos.  A sample: 

The dissertation is going… I am hoping to get some QT with it tonight, tomorrow afternoon and Sunday, basically finishing off chapter 5… then its just writing what I think is the hardest part (the conclusion).  I have set for myself the deadline of getting it to Ike by next Friday.  You would think I would be a little more concerned with the fact that it’s a week away and I am still a good 20 pages from the finish.  Yay for realistic goal setting!!

All for now- hope you have a great weekend!!

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