Helpy McHelperson doing some cleans!

Something I didnt realize about turning one- time for ART!  MY FAVORITE SUBJECT!!  ZOMG!!1!

So the Baby Center website, where I get a lot of information about development, says that one is old enough to start doing art.  Isn’t that great?  Obviously, this varies by kid, but Nicole and Cody started letting Maddox have access to art stuff at one.  This is so cool.

I went and got some art supplies last week.  Here is Nico’s first official drawing:
Yeah, I know.  He is pretty much a genius.  Seriously though, isn’t this better than Picasso’s “Blue Stage”?
He is starting to want to help do stuff… but only how he wants to help.  Last week, I had him in the laundry room and was giving him things to put in the dryer… which he was fine with, until he started taking things out of the dryer.  So then I sat him on top of the dryer and was handing him things to put in the washer… he does like to help.  He thought this might be more helpful:
I know I shouldn’t be encouraging this sort of behavior- it is dangerous for him to get in either the washer or the dryer.  Plus, there is a predisposition for male members of the Royse family to get into the clothes appliances.  Thankfully, Nico doesnt have an older sibling to “Blast him off!”  Although, I did hear Drake offering to do the job (this refers to Dave’s cousin, where in one got in the dryer and implored the other to “Blast him off!” which maybe means, turn the dryer on?)  But seriously, isn’t he adorable?  Couldn’t you just slap this picture on a bottle of laundry soap?  “If you bought tide, your baby could be this cute too!!”
More evidence of Nico’s helping:
To be fair, those are writing books.  He is probably like, “Crap, this is crap.  This one is crap.  This one is okay, but this one is crap.  This is stupid.  Seriously, why would you waste your money on this?”
Hope you all have a great week!!

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