Dont be jealous!

So, my sister posted a post the other day about how clever she is with a miter saw… which I dont know.  I think once you start talking about saws and power tools, makes me a little gun shy.  But whatever.  Fast forward to my life now… now that Nico is content being on the floor tearing everything up, the last couple of weeks have been pretty cool, because I can come home from work and work on some stuffz!!  Yeah, I know.  I am pretty excited about it too.

I try to work on projects that are somewhat portable (like knitting- already made two baby hats this week for Newborns in Need), so that I can set it down in a second and chase Nico into the other room.  He has also developed the most adorable thing… which is to be on the floor playing or getting into stuff, then coming up to you and climbing in your lap and putting his arms around your shoulders and laying his head on your chest. Want to talk about killer… Do you realize how much he is going to have me wrapped around his little finger?  I can totally see him coming off the soccer field when he is like 10 and giving me some hugz saying, “I love you Mom.  Dont you wish that I could have those new adidas cleats?  Yeah, I know, they are expensive.  I love you anyways….” Mmmmm… I liked this the first time I saw it when it was called JJ!!  In any case, it is absolutely adorable.
Without further ado… some of the projects I have been working on:
So, has my number, apparently.  They know that all they have to do is send me an email with the word “sale” in it somewhere and it’s on.  So I bought the elephant fabric because I thought it would be nice for shorts or in quilts or whatever.  Turns out its decorating weight fabric, so not so much.  So I thought it would be cool to do some art for Nico’s room.  Arent you jealous!!??
The curtains:
I am not terribly happy with them.  In fact, I am mostly sick of thinking about them…I apparently have problems measuring and considering the size of the windows relative to the amount of fabric I bought.  So the back of one of the curtains, which is dark brown fabric (to blot out the light) is actually pieced together from 2 different pieces of fabric… which wouldnt be so bad, except I didnt do it right, so I there is a visible seam running across the back. The people who had the house prior or maybe the owner did it, but there is this ridiclous scenario where the rounded curtain rods dont fit into the corner along side each other.  So I had to put this rod up a little higher (dont ask me for details, I cant explain this one).  I also did not have a grommet tool, so I couldnt make like it was a shower curtain and hang the curtains.  I thought about doing casing at the top but figured it was more work than I was willing to invest.  So I just bought some little clip hangy things from Target to hang them on the bar, so I can be done with it.
The main reason I wanted curtains in his room is that those two windows in the corner let in a LOT of light… so nap time is crazy… its like bright as day up in his room. But, favorite fabric (the swirly green and blue paisley) was really probably too light for the job (hence the dark brown backing to the curtains).
In any case, hoping to finish them off this weekend.  Wanna talk about EPIC adventure.  Also working hard on that submission for the book I was asked to contribute too.  Which is good, because its just making my dissertation better.  But, the semester starts again next week… speaking of which, that break was just too short.  😦
Aside from that, not much else going on.  Nico fell and bumped his mouth the other day.  He has a bit of a swollen lip these days.   🙂
All for now.

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