Big Boy Shoes

We had a really great weekend around here!!

Nico has been out of school for the last two weeks… he’s been hanging at the house with Grandma and Grandpa Royse, Dave and babysitters.  So two weeks before he turned one, he took his first unassisted steps.  He started trying to walk much more around the time of his birthday (two weeks ago) and now, he is a walking machine.  Sort of like Forrest Gump when Forrest is desribing how he first got into running.

Nico: If I was going anywhere, I was walkin’!!

He doesn’t have the best balance yet- and he has a very wide stance, which I am sure is common… but he is walking everywhere.  So Dave took Nico a lot this weekend so that I could work and they ended up someplace buying shoes… he wears a 6.  In real shoes… not like those moccasin shoes (like Roby’s).  Real shoe-shoes.  I forgot my lunch at home today and Dave and Nico brought it by.  When I poked my head in the back seat, my heart felt a little pang because he was wearing his shoe-shoes, and not those baby moccasins.  How is he already so big?

He is talking a lot now… he is trying to say lots of things.  I feel sometimes like he is “Kicking Bird” from Dances with Wolves.  He seems like he has so much to say, so many questions to ask.  I point to something and say what it is and he looks like he is considering it, like he wants to understand more, how to say it, how to form the words.  Soon…. soon enough and he will be sassing me, I am sure.
This weekend was awesome.  I spent it mostly working on the chapter for the edited volume I was invited to submit to.  Dave and Nico spent it mostly doing fun stuff like going to Trusdale and hanging out a Lake Ella with the ducks.   Man, this dissertation needs to hurry up, because I am missing out on some funs!!
We are in the process of trying to take away the bottle.  Which I dont think is going to be a huge deal… it used to be a really easy way to get him into bed at nap time and at night.  But lately it hasnt been working like a charm.  He is down to one, sometimes 2 bottles a day, and after this can of formula is gone, we’re done.  Add to that the fact that he schedule has been a little weird lately, with the being out of school nonsense.  So he hasnt been sleeping well at night or at nap time.  He is probably going to be a cranky beast for his teachers.  YIKES!!  I always hated when kids would spend a week or two out of school all cranked out out of control.  Turns out, we are those parents.  Oh well.
So now that we are getting back on a routine, the bottle is ending.  We might have to have a renegoitiation about night time sleeping.  See while he was in school, we didnt have to deal with it much, because he would go in his room and sleep pretty well, hardly waking up at all.  But lately, he’s been waking up several times at night… so, we will see.
All for now.

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