Copy McCopyson

You’re gonna be jealous, you’re gonna be jealous!!

Yeah… try not to cry about it.  So my bag finally came in this week.  I didn’t realize it, but the etsy seller I did the alchemy request from, based in Canada.  So it took forever and a day to get here.  But its pretty awesome:

Of course, it is only meant to be used as a diaper bag, packed full of diapers, bottles, clothes, and the like.  I have used it the last couple of days as a bag-bag, to carry my stuff to and fro from work…. its not really meant for this… because it is kind of floppy.  And the strap could definitely be wider and padded, which would make it easier if you are carrying anything more than some diapers and a change of clothes in it.  When my mom tells me that I ought to stop belly-achin’ about it and just make my own bags, I dont think I can… mostly because they look usually look kind of complicated.  But I could make this one.  I’d have to make it so that its not so floppy (maybe use some type of interfacing??)

Isn’t she pretty?  Doesnt she make you happy just looking at her?  She has a ton of storage stuff… including a little pocket to put my cell phone in (so that it clips to the strap with those little white buttons you can see there… of course, I was a dumbass when I sent the girl the specs of my phone… becuase it was just that… just my phone, not the phone and its case… but live and learn, right?  Right.  I am very happy with the way it turned out. 
So here is the thing that Nicole is probably going to steal.. its a baby foot!!
Just after Nico turned 1, Michaels was having a sale on art canvases… so I bought a couple.  I got one of the small ones and painted it and made Nico do a foot print on it.  I was thinking of a plaster paperweight that my mom has of one of JJ’s hands that he made at preschool when he was like 4 or 5.  I know she treasures it because its sooo small… and cute.   So, I though it would be cool to have something like that from Nico.  Plus, its an easy mother’s day gift when he gets bigger… all he has to do is paint a canvas and make a print of his foot… Bam!!  I would love it!!
I also got a biger canvas and painted it blue and did prints of our hands.  But its not ready for the blog yet. 
That is all. On a completely unrelated note… I am really loving etsy these days. Really.  It really is the most useless website there is.  Really…its all art, jewelry, not functional clothes, etc.  Nothing that I really need. Just all stuff I WANT!!!!!!  I am trying to think of something that I can get to commerate the PhD… something that will last… that I could have and think back to this chapter of my life closing… perhaps even something I could pass onto a kid… but I keep drawing blanks because I come across something like this:
Seriously, it took me longer to click on the item and purchase it than it did for me to decide I want it.  Guess what?  Nico doesn’t spit up anymore!!  We dont need burp cloths!!  But I had to have them…. good thing I know people having babies.  Lost my damn mind…
Okay… back on the grind.  Have a good one…

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