It has been crazy.  It started with Dave going to a conference in Orlando Wednesday of last week… when I went to pick Nico from school. they told me I had to keep him home on Thursday because he had a fever.  So we stayed home on Thursday- hanging out.  We didn’t do much, except run some errands and hangout at the house.  We went to the pool at Myers Park in the afternoon (that will teach them to kick my kid out of school!!  I showed them!!  We did some funs!!  Thursday would have been a perfect day to set up Nico’s baby pool, but apparently our back yard is a SWAMP and the misquitos are out of control sadface) . 
On the upside, while Nico napped I started watching the TV show “Covert Affairs” about a girl who is in training for the CIA… and gets called up to do some work. It is made by the guys who did The Bourne trilogy… so its got some cool action sequences. But the show keeps harping on this relationship the girl had with a guy… I just want to stand up and tell every one involved to move on…what’s more, is I am starting to get annoyed with Hollywood with the incredulity of it all. There were some redeeming qualities…Know that awesome chase scene from the end of Bourne 3 where he jumps off a roof into the window of a building below? That kind of action… so that is pretty cool.

Dave came back on Friday and we had a pretty laid back weekend.  I managaed to finish a pair of shorts for Nico.  This is the first garmet I have ever made him that didnt require me appliquing onto a onesie.  He probably wont wear these shorts a lot since I sometimes have difficulty “following directions.”  They were pissy to make because of said difficulty.  I found myself second guessing the instructions.  I was like, “This does not look right… how can this be?”  And finally at one point I said to myself, “What do these people know?  This is the way it should go. ”  This is how I managed to sew the casing for the waist band on upside down.  This necessitated me ripping out the seam and starting over.  Then there was the fact that I got 1″ wide elastic instead of 3/4″ wide elastic (for the waist band).  My mom said a easy fix was to just cut the casing a little wider… which I took to mean, cut an extra inch on each side… so needless to say, the waist band is a little weird.  Which wouldnt bother me, except that I wouldn’t let him wear these shorts with a onesie because they just look weird.  But you live and learn, right?

In any case, Friday night, Nico and I went to see the UF-FSU soccer game.  We had Panda Express (eat it, Nicole!!) and frozen yogurt for dinner.  Nico was quite the ham at Panda Express… he kept turning around to talk to all the peoples!!  And he ate most of my frozen yogurt (sad face).
In an unrelated matter, before Nico turned one,  I was looking forward to turning his carseat around to face the front… I figured that it would be much more exciting for him to see what is going on.  But then I started doing some research and have since renegged on that.  Came across some scary stuff on the internet about “internal decapitations”.  And given that I have averaged I have been in 4 wrecks in the last 5 years (none of them my fault- I live in Tallahassee).  I am a little gun shy at this point.  Anyone have any thoughts? 
We start preseason tonight… which is pretty great.  The season is upon us.  Again.  This is always exciting, because we get the chance to see who is coming out, who is in shape, who has been working…
All for now!!

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  1. i know lots of people who dont turn their car seats around for a while…so it definitely is fine to leave it.

    I decided to turn Em's around because she is the weight and height of most 2 year olds…and from what i read…the dangers are for smaller children that dont/barely meet the size requirements.

    There is totally nothing wrong with leaving him rear facing though…no such thing as TOO safe.


  2. we waited until O was about 14 or 15 months before we turned her around and then we only did it because she had outgrown her old infant seat and i needed to get a new one so i got a convertible seat that you can only face forward. our pediatrician said they actually recommend leaving them rear-facing as long as you can. i think either way has risks so whatever makes you comfortable…though i will say O is MUCH happier in the car now that she can see what is going on…my two cents.


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