Making like Nicole and posting a blog post of stuff I want…

So I am a little weird when it comes to fashion… there are somethings that I like thare are very hip and stylish, but I am always afraid of wearing them because I imagine the inner monologue of people who see me with said item.  Like, “Someone needs to tell that one that she is too damn old to be wearing a miniskirt” or, “Someone tell Jessi that Hannah Montana called.  She wants her style back.”  So my friend LH wears a lot of stuff like this… items that I find cool and that I would like to wear… but I probably ought to just wait for her to get them and admire her great taste.  Henceforth:
I have been on a terrarium kick lately.  For some reason I want one.  This is the segment of the program where Dave tells me I am not allowed to buy anymore plants because I do a fine job killing the ones I have now.  Sad face. 

I had a really awesome one of these that had Van Gogh’s Starry Night on it.  It was in my pocket when I ate it on Bourbon Street in New Orleans after the Malawi dinner in 2008.  No, I was not intoxicated, I hurt my ankle.  It had to go to the great purse in the sky because it was broken. 

I do realize that I have a problem with bags.  I am currently seeking therapy.  Thanks.

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