Cleany McCleanerson

Good morning fans!!

Good to see ya!  We had a pretty good weekend around here.  This weekend was the last push to finish my degree.  My defense date is Friday (GASP).  For some reason I am pretty non-plussed about the whole thing.  I am not nervous, which is strange, because I usually get nervous when I speak to groups of people.  Of course, if I am not ready now, I will never be ready. 

As a prelude to doing any actual work on Saturday, I somehow came across Malcom Gladwell’s Theory of 10,000 hours.  The theory is that you have to spend 10,000 hours practicing something before you are an expert at it.  If the measure of being ready to defend is that I am an expert at being an academic/scholar, I would need to have spent 1250 hours a year for 8 years “practicing” being an academic.  This works out to be only 31 hours a week and 40 weeks a year.  Which I have definitely done.  So, I would like to submit this as reason alone to give me my PhD and send me on my way.  No, that doesn’t count as reason enough?  DAMN YOU LOGIC!!

In any case, the plan is to defend on Friday and spend the entire next weekend only doing what I want to do.  Yes, friends… only want I WANT TO DO. WHOO HOOOOOOOOO!!

Hopefully it will not include cleaning.  Why?  Because Nico is doing it his OWN self… BTW, just so we are clear, his kindergarten teachers are going to have a time with him when he goes… why, you ask?  Because we dont use “proper” grammer with Nico… because we speak in LOLCat speak… which plain just makes me laugh…Also, my mom said once about Nico, that he was cracking his own self up.  Which is just funny to say… really, say it to yourself.  Isn’t it great?  So now, he walks his own self up the steps.  He feeds his own self fruit in the morning.  I know.  Its terrible.  But I love it. 

In any case, here is Nico “helping” cleaning.  He has also taken to walking around the house with the broom… and the mop. 

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