Up in his big class!!

One of my new favorite things to do with Nico is put away the groceries.  I know, it sounds weird.  Usually it is a chore I hate.  Plus, its a PITA whne everyone doesn’t their own weight (I’m looking at you, Nico!)  What makes it fun is that I also have to clean out the fridge while we are putting away groceries… this usually entail Nico rummaging about taking stuff out and us snacking.  This week was awesome because I still had a piece of chocolate eclair cake leftover… so you know Nico got some!

Plus, he is starting to be able to “help”.  And by help, I mean, carry things half way from the foyer to the kitchen before throwing them on the floor. Its great.

He moved up to his big class today.  He rejoined a bunch of kids that aged out of the baby room.  I was a little nervous because he has been acting like a baby lately… seems like every day lately, he has had a meltdown meltdown meltdown at the end of the day… not happy about ANYTHING.  Well… up in the big room, there is none of that. 

Seriously, on Monday, I showed up to get Nico and barely recognized him because he was sitting on the floor with the other kids, listening to Sue-Sue read books… NO JOKE… I’m all like, what did you do with my kid?  Because the only thing my kid likes to do with books is close them while you are reading them to him… but he sat there for like 4 books.  Are you kidding me?  Really?  He has been rockin and rollin up there… sleeping well… eating well.  So far its great.  He seems to be very happy.  And, I dont really want to mention anything, because I might jinx it… but homeboy sleeps like a champ these days.  Its awesome. 

Video of a game we like to play:

Dont understand why he cricks his shoulder up to his neck- I guess he thinks I am going to tickle his neck?  Isn’t he precious?

Also, I am doing this- with all this “free” time on my hands:

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