Headed to the BIG 4-2-3!!

Seriously, can’t you just eat this guy up?  He is pretty much adorable.

So my birthday is next week… I know, you’re pretty excited too!!  It is, afterall, a national holiday.  NiCody and MaxEmme sent me an early gift earlier this week:

It’s a canvas with one of the pictures from the Jake Moore photoshoot.  I love it because Nico looks mischevious.  He looks like he knows he has to be good this very second, but is thinking, “Ma, as soon as you put me down I am tearing everything up!  It. Is. On!”  It is a very cool gift and I am very happy with it!!
Headed to Knoxville today for the Southern Demographic Conference.  We had originally talked about the whole Bishop-Royse fam going… but when you factor in the fact that there is practice tonight (and Saturday), dealing with the dogs, etc.  its easier if I just run up to Knoxville and come home.  Speaking of which, yeah!!  Knoxville!  The Big 4-2-3!!  My old stompin’ grounds!!  I am going to slide by Clevegas on the way back to check out a Lee womens soccer game.  BTW- for those of you who don’t get the Lee Magazine- did you know that my alma matter is the repeat NAIA Championship team?  Yeah, totally.  They won the NAIA title in 2008 and 2009.  For those of you who dont know what NAIA is, its basically another athletic association.  There is a lot of variability in the teams… some amazing and crazy awesome teams (like Birmingham Southern and Berry) some middle of the road teams (like US) and some terrible teams (like Trevecca Nazarene).  In any case, the rules about eligibility are a little different in NAIA, so we tended to have a LOT of foreign players (including the year we played against Milligan, whose Mercy Akide and Flo ____________ were on a break from their National Team duty with Nigeria followng the world cup to single handedly beat us 12-0.  Thankfully, only 5 of those were on me…).  In any case, two years after I left, our coach switched to the mens side and hired a new coach for the women.  He put the the time, the effort, the recruiting into making Lee a top notch program.  6 years later, National Champs!!
So I am going to miss the boys.  Knowing my luck, Dave and Nico are going to be doing lots of funs this weekend!  They always wait till I am either out of town or working to do fun stuff…
All for now!

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