Puppies in the pool, dancing, practice and crabs…

I dont mind saying… this weekend was OFF.THE.HOOK!!

First, about the post office.  I hate it.  Really I do.  Long story short, I need to do something to my passport.  I realize that we dont need one to go to the Bahamas for Thanksgiving (we could get by with the card).  But my name has changed since my first one.  And I am not sure how that works.  Plus, It expires next year… so it made sense. But since I dont want to lose all my cool stamps and visas (from the Brazil trip, Europe twice and Malawi) I would rather just go and get a new passport, which requires going in person.

So I go to the PO on Friday… I get there at about 11:55.  I take a number (85).  They are on 81.  The sign says it should take about 15 minutes per person and rather snarkily suggested that I count the number of people who are in front of me and multiply by 15-20 to get how long I would be waiting.  An hour… not too bad.  My iphone is charged up and so I amuse myself with the interwebz while I wait.  And wait. And wait.  For two hours.  No joke.  At about 150, I go to ask the front desk lady what the process is for people who are walkins with numbers (like me) and how that will work given that the appointment people were starting to show up (the first one was at 2pm).

She condescends to explain to me that she will try to work us one at a time, so one number, one appointment.  I ask if I will be waiting until 230 when the 200 was done, or what.  She looks at her watch and informs me (bristling, a bit mind you) that she still has five minutes until the appt time, and that she could probably start with me.  SCORE!  The first thing at the PO that hasnt sucked, right?  So she stands there shuffling papers for a bit (and not like shuffling papers in the ha-ha, you work in government, you shuffle paperwork all day kind of shuffling) but actual BONAFIDE shuffling papers… from the previous applicants.  FOR FIVE MINUTES. Okay… its cool, I waited for over 2 hours, I can wait another five minutes.  And then, wait for it.  She calls the appointment person ahead of me.  Yeah, I could not believe it.  Could not.  I am still dumbfounded.  I finally left (I didnt want to get fired for taking a 2+ hour lunch).  OUT OF CONTROL.  It made me seriously angry.  Whew- there is nothing that sends me into a rage like people/processes wasting my time.  I will cut someone!!

So Friday night, Dave came home and we headed up to the Greek Festival- which was overrun with Tallahassee people.  OVERRUN!!  At my greek festival!!  Seriously- I dont like having to wade through throngs of people to get anywhere… this is my greek festival… I have been coming here since I moved to Tallahassee.  We came back in the day… 7 years ago.  It gets on facebook and guess what?  Everyone and their mom shows up… So no baclava cheesecake for me.  Apparently, there is a conspiracy that I cant have baclava cheesecake, ever.  Especially on all days, the most special of all days, my birthday (to which my mother would reply, “your birthday was six months ago” <– props to everyone who gets THAT line).

Nico had a pretty good time.  He likes gyros.  Not surprisingly.  Know what else he likes, dancing on stage!!

Does that look like fun!!??

Saturday morning we had practice at the highschool.  Nico got tired of always not doing what he wants to do… so he started playing:

Isn’t that awesome?

Afterwards, we went to the StoneCrab festival in St. Marks.  Guess what is more work than it’s worth?  Yeah, eating crabs.  Man, what a production!!  Way to much effort for so little reward.  So we ended up going to the Riverside for some noms…

We hung out at the house on Saturday night.  Invictus was on HBO, and “we watched it”, which is to say, that Dave watched the whole thing and I made like Nicole and started watching it to fall asleep and then wake up with about five minutes left.  But it was good, the parts that I saw… hey, at least I didnt browbeat everyone in the house to watch Interview with a Vampire… right Nicole?

Sunday morning, I took Nico to get some breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  As much as I love doing that, it is a HUGE production… usually, Nico makes a huge mess… and its at that moment that he decides he wants to master the fork. While he is eating blueberry pancakes.  What a mess!!  On the way home, we swung by Target for socks.  Yeah, he can’t fit into baby socks anymore… is that normal?  Seriously, we went to the kid section for socks… the baby socks are all too small… that is so weird!!  How can this be?  Strange…

We then took the dogs to Puppies in the Pool… which is pretty much amazing.  Truesdale Pool lets dogs in the last weekend of the season, before they clean and winterize.  If you remember from last year, Drake accosted an old lady at the pool.  This year, there were no such encounters, but a big Chocolate/Chesapeake Bay Retriever did a deuce in the pool (BTW, really glad that wasn’t Drake or Gordon, how embarrassing).  I will post some video when I get a chance… its not terribly awesome or good… but you can at least see the teeming mass of dog there was.  There was a great bulldog though, who was shorter than Nico and absolutely in love with Nico… kept coming up to him and bumping him and giving him sugar.  It was awesome.  Speaking of awesome, how great is Drake’s face here?

He’s like, “Really?  This is what I have been reduced to?  A carnival ride?”  To be far, Nico does this to me too… especially if I am lying on the floor… he thinks its funny to come sit on your back, like a horse or something… its pretty funny.

But a pretty great weekend!!
All for now… gotta do some stuffz before bed!!

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