Running and Gunning…

Almost there… this week is almost over.  Let me tell you… I feel like I have been running and gunning all week.  But its weird because we canceled practice twice this week… so theoretically, I should have had more time… it’s just that I have been prepping for the start of the season, finishing revisions on the dissertation, etc.  Plus, I am helping co-host a baby shower this weekend.  🙂

Excited about the Red and Blue game this weekend… wooo to the hoooo!!

Also excited about my two most recent purchases:

A lunch bag, made from Joel Dewberry.  Be jealous!!

Also, behold: A travel mug!!  Isn’t that lid clever?  Never have search for the top!!  I haven had a chance to try it, but I wonder if it will get very hot with hot tea or something in it? 
So Dave and I have started talking about Christmas.  I want to get Nico a play-kitchen, since he likes to play in the kitchen so much.  I really like these two:

I actually like the red one better.  The play kitchen that I though I might be able to re-hab?  Yeah, its a no-go.  Its made from plastic, and the doors wont stay closed.  I am not about to have a trashy looking kitchen with doors that dont stay closed.  Let me tell you…

Other than that, not much going on around here. 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Hoping I will have some cute halloween pictures to show.

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