Cut mai-baby’s hair!!

Have so much to tell about the weekend, but I am looking down the barrel of a week (with new work schedule, and the soccer season starting).  Just wanted to update:  one of Nico’s teachers put his hair in a pigtail on top of his head last week.  She was just playing around, but I took the hint: Nico’s hair was LONG.  I mentioned it to one of Dave’s coworkers who offered to let us borrow their clippers.  The problem, you see, is that its hard to cut baby hair without making him look like his mom cut his hair.    Henceforth, I buzzed Nico’s hair today.  WOW. Like, I have cut his hair before and it’s changed the way he looks.  Like that first hair cut, when I snipped those red baby curls off.  Just about broke my heart.  

Well, this cut is SHORT.  SHORT. SHORT.
I think it makes him look younger.  He wasnt a fan of me cutting it… mostly because of the sound, I think.  But I think with a little practice I could get a lot better at it.  Maybe Dave would even pay me to cut his hair… do you know how much yarn 12-15 bucks can buy?  For-real!!

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