The FAIR!!

WOW.  What a great weekend!!

So Dave had to go to Phoenix for work Friday-Saturday coming back on Sunday.  Mama Bishop and Uncle Billy came up to help pick up the slack with Nico.  They met us in Taylor County for our game on Thursday (JV tied 2-2 and we lost 2-1).  It was definitely interesting- for the first time EVER, we didnt get our heads down when we got down.  We poured the pressure on and actually got a goal back in the second half.  So that was cool.  Friday I ended up taking so Sick Leave because Nico wasnt feeling well. I guess I could left him home with Mom and JJ- but I didn’t want to do that to them  🙂  He was feeling better Friday afternoon, so JJ and I took him the Fair.  Whoo- hoo.  It was very cool, Nico loved him so goats.  We had some street food and called it a day.  I am trying to learn how to crochet- so Friday night mom taught me something I have been trying to learn- so that was cool. 

He loves animals… dogs, goats, cats.  If we didnt have dogs, this might be weird… but he is always loving on them.  Saturday morning, I got dogfood and it was sitting in the kitchen.  He was hugging the dog food bag because there was a picture of a black lab that looked like Gordon on the bag.  Definitely heart breakingly cute!!

Saturday we were due to play in Panama City at Rutherford.  We decided to leave Nico at home with Mom, who proceeded to wear him out.  They read a ton of books, played, went out side, sang songs and did a little dancing.  FOR. REAL. He was sound asleep when we got home.  It was pretty awesome. 
We, on the other hand were not awesome against Rutherford.  We got a goal early on and hung on to win 1-0.  I say hung on, because I was pretty sure we were going to give up a goal.  Did not play well… which is a shame, because it should have been a celebratory occassion (first time ever beating Rutherford- we played them four times last season).  We’re 2-0 in the district.  But didnt play well.  Had a hard time putting passes together.  Should have had a ton of more goals- but we have a small issue “staying on-sides”.  But it is pretty cool that we can play badly against a tough district opponent and still win…unlike last year where we played badly against a tough district opponent and got our a$$es handed to us.  So there is that. 

Sunday JJ and Mom left to go home after breakfast.  Nico and I hung out. We went to the park and got some groceries, did some cleans.  Speaking of cleans, does anyone know where I can get one of those awesome step stools for kids where its like they are standing on a chair, but, the top part is enclosed, so we dont have a situation like yesterday where Nico was reaching for the door and stepped off?  Yeah, I am a bad mom… I know. 

Back on the grind this week!

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