Weekend Awesome

Weekend was AWESOMENESS!!

I dont know if I mentioned it or not, but Mama Bishop was in town last week. She dropped off some Christmas goodies and watched Nico during the week (so we didn’t have to put him with a sitter for the duration of break).  Friday night Dave and I ran about town doing some Christmas shopping. We’d decided that our Christmas gift to each other would be a bigger flat screen tv.  So we ran around on Friday night looking at Best Buy, the mall, etc. for the best deal.  We decided to check out Cosco in the morning and made a stop at World Market… which is always a terrible idea at Christmas time…. or any time really.  Especially since I just got paid.  For real… I will know that I have finally arrived when I decorate my ENTIRE house with World Market furnishings.  SCORE!! 

Saturday morning, we took mom to Another Broken Egg.  Can I just go on record here?  New favorite place for breakfast.  They have a crabcakes benedict that will rock your face off.  Seriously.  Love it.  Mom got on the road Saturday morning and we headed to Costco, where we found our new baby.  A 40″ Toshiba HD LED flatscreen.  Mmmmmm.  Of course, this necessitated a new entertainment center situation, which I bought on Saturday afternoon and commenced putting together on Saturday night… BARF.  Of course, Dave hates all things assembly, so guess who got to do the majority of the assembly?  This girl (points at self with two thumbs). 

Saturday afternoon, we headed down to the county for a christmas party with the girls.  The sister that had it at their place have an amazing place complete with horses and karaoke.  Dave channeled his inner Billy Idol to sing “White Wedding”.  The girls’ Dad, Jim led Nico and Dave around on a horse.  The first time Nico was up there, he was a little nervous.  But then he got the hang of it.Will post a picture and maybe a video of them I took… adorable.

Saturday night, Dave played soccer- I stayed home with Nico and worked on putting together the thing.  BORING.  I think I hate doing that stuff almost as much as Dave- but someone has to man up to do it. 
Sunday we cleaned the house up (AGAIN).  It was a wreck after not cleaning it or putting things away for almost a week.  Sometimes Nico was helpful-he is getting pretty good operating the dustpan- but kind of sucks at cleaning the bathroom.  His insistance to do things the way he wants to do them made the power cleaning session a lot more tiring than necessary. 

Dave’s parents got in Sunday afternoon and we got the TV hooked up.  So far I am a little concerned because the TVscreen shows a black box around the picture, which is kind of annoying.  Seriously, what was the point of getting a 40″ screen if the image is only going to be 32″?  May have to put the muscle on someone at DirecTv.  😦 

Mostly got Christmas shopping done.  I stayed up late last night to do some wrapping.  I couldnt stay up late enough to get all my gifts packaged to send… which means that not only do I have to go to the post office today, but also tomorrow 😦  Yay! Barf-townvilleburg!!

All for now 🙂

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