The wood, the wood, the wood is on fire!

So this week we have had one of our former players watching Nico while Dave and I are at work (one of the pitfalls when your primary baby sitter is an undergrad- they take off at the drop of a hat… like Christmas break). Nico was NOT happy. At all. Didn’t/wouldn’t take a nap until 4:30. Yikes!! But, he was extra cuddly when he woke up- which was a bonus.

Other than that, not much going on. We had some firewood delivered last night. Wooo hooo. That is pretty exciting. Its been really cold here- which is not surprising given the weather on the rest of the Eastern seaboard. But its still pretty cold here. We’ve had a fire almost every night the last couple of weeks. Plus we’ve had space heaters going and the furnace going. Can’t wait to see our power bill this month. Should be nice and high. Seriously, whenever Dave and I land where we are going to land, I am going to advocate building our house into the side of a mountain or a hill, like the Ingalls family in Little House in Walnut Grove.  Seriously- it really cuts down on the heating and cooling costs.

I am thinking about using some turkey leftovers for shepherd’s pie tonight.  Should be good.
All for now.

One thought on “The wood, the wood, the wood is on fire!

  1. As a self proclaimed hippie, who came of age two decades after the back to the land movement, you were only one step away from becoming a fan of subterranean housing. If you ever want to borrow any books….


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