He’s a naked baby… yes he is… he’s a naked baby….

One of my favorite things in life is our bed time ritual.

Because putting Nico to sleep is much easier when I am doing it (I am pretty much batting 1000), Dave does the bath, I do putting him down.  I know that this only builds up the expectation that I put Nico to bed, and thus makes it harder for Dave… but it is what it is.  What are you going to do?  Plus, Dave is also funner at bathtime than I am.  I tend to knit and talk to Nico while we are in there… Dave plays with him more.  So when Dave is giving Nico his bath, I am usually putting away dinner stuff… working in the office… maybe doing some laundry.

In any case, Dave gets Nico out of the bath, dries him off.  Lets him brush his teeth.  And lets Nico go.  At which , Nico runs around the house looking for me.  When he finds me, he laughs, “Ha!”  Like he is so pleased with himself.  Ha! Ha! I am not wearing any pants!  What is amusing about this little ritual is that when we do the bath situation, it gets warm and toasty in the bathroom, but the rest of the house can get FREEZING cold.  So the fact that Nico likes to run around in the house in the cold makes me laugh even more.
Of course, the other night was especially funny because he started peeing.  On the floor.  Its really hard not to laugh when your kid just took a piss on the floor and looks very pleased with himself. Nico running around naked looking for me is my cue to go get him and put a diaper and PJs on.
The Nicody Bains got me a light for my kindle for Christmas (but JJ tried to take credit for it, like he got it)… so lately, I have been able to read when putting Nico down to sleep.  I finished a book last night.  Wha-what?  A whole book.  Isn’t that great?  I could really into life post graduation…
All for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful new year!!

2 thoughts on “He’s a naked baby… yes he is… he’s a naked baby….”

  1. dude…we got you the light for Christmas…so that book is thanks to ME. I hate to even bring it up…but apparently JJ and Dad never got my Christmas package…so i have to point out that at least somebody in the family got presents from the Bain's. stupid effin post office.


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