Release the BEAST!

Nico’s childcare was closed yesterday, so I took the day off.  We had a pretty fun little morning- ran a few errands.  Came home and made some more dog biscuits.  Seriously, the dogs love them and they are fun to make with little guys.  We also made Turkey soup with the last of the turkey from the Holidays.   So that was pretty fun.

Nico starts back at school today.  Guess who is going to be a little Beast?  Nico getting to do whatever he wants+change in sleeping routine=BEAST.  Good thing I dont have to get him from school today… now the girls can’t tell me what a bad mom I am for Nico getting COMPLETELY OFF THE CHAIN.  When they confront me, I am just going to point to Nico with a surprised look on my face.

We had our first practice since the break yesterday.  Looks like the goodness we had rolling before Christmas hasn’t rubbed off or mysteriously disappeared.  Seriously- I half expected to show up to practice yesterday and for it to be a HOT MESS all over the place.  Even awesomer?  EVERYONE is healthy.  KG (one of our seniors who has been nursing an (ankle) injury, is back.  So is Thig, one of our sophomore midfielders).  They weren’t squirelly- which is a first for us.  And they played well.  So that is pretty exciting.


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