Suddenly, I am asleep!

So Nico is doing the most DARLING thing lately.  Dave actually got it on video yesterday.  Hoping he will get it uploaded to youtube, because you HAVE TO SEE IT. 

Back story:  when I was in college, I was a different person.  I was really accomodating and basically just wanted to be liked.  Our first road trip with the guys (back in the days before Lee U was good, the women’s program was sort of an afterthought.  It was like, “The Mens team is traveling to Memphis to play Union.  Why dont we bring the women’s team too?”) was a long one- I think it was either 4 hours to Nashville or 7 to Memphis, whatev.  One of the guys on the team had really bad leg cramps from being cooped up for so long and was complaining because the cramps were in his hamstrings. 

I offered to massage them out if he would lay on his stomach on the floor of the bus.  He did and I did.  He probably thought I was weird because who offers that?  Plus the hamstring starts to venture into the a$$ area- so that was probably weird.  Of course he had this crazy girlfriend from highschool- so it definitely was NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL.  Plus, he was the guy who insisted on doing f-ed up things with his hair.  In the time that we were at Lee, I saw him shaved bald, with a fro, in corn rows, and for an unfortunate period our junior year with a Julias Ceasar look- which, lets be real, is never good on anyone, including Julias Ceasar.  But I digress. 

Because I am also strong, I got a little bit of a reputation for being able to help with muscle spasms and muscle cramps and the like (this differs in stark contrast to the “happy ending” masseusses… which are basically hookers.  Yeah, I wasnt one of those.)  Once when we are at the National Tournament, one of my teammates had a kinda sore back and asked me to massage it out for a bit.  I was sitting on the bed and suddenly just fell over and said, “Suddenly, I am asleep.” 

She basically peed her pants laughing at that.  And I have done it a lot since then.  Whenever someone asks me to do something I don’t want to do, that is my response.  Dave asks if I can help him with the dishes?  Suddenly I am asleep.  But its not complete unless you fall over onto a bed or a couch. 

Nico has started doing this.  The other day, Dave was trying to get Nico dressed for school.  He said, “Nico, let’s put your shirt on.”  And Nico would lay himself down in the crib, as if he were asleep.  HILARIOUS!!  Really hoping I can get the video up here. 

I cant imagine that he got that from me.  Maybe this is just his way of protesting going to school?  Either way, its funneh!!

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