Post Modern

So I got a new office at work.  I was teetering on the edge of not getting it.  I had been in a cube, which doesnt usually suck… but I was back in a section with a program administrator in another program.  And her way of running business was to sit in her office and boss her subordinates who were across the way and next to her… which drove me crazy.  So I was in headphones most of the time…

The office I was going to go into was basically a glorified cube… but had a window (bonus).  But it was basically a cube.  Long story short, I got an office.  With a door.  Woo hoo.  A coworker also showed me where the HUGE post it notes are (poster size).  So I can put those up on my glass and nap at lunch.  Or change clothes to go running at lunch.  Or do exercises or yoga…whatever.  Pretty flipping sweet if you ask me. 

EXCEPT that its one of those desks that has the keyboard tray that pulls out… like all ergonomic and $h!t.  It was annoying because it forced me to sit WAY away from my TWO wide screen monitors (yes, I am incrediably spoiled- I feel like a gamer).  The slide out part was a piece of crap.  Someone put it together crappy… so I took it off.  And put it ontop of a storage cabinent.  Our safely lady is probably going to give me some crap about it.  But I am saying its art:

I think it represents the struggle of man against the post-modern technological workplace.  Its energy reminds me of the looming revolution whereby man lashes out against the structures that bind him and work.  The fight will be fierce.  But it is man’s free will that will provide the courage necessary to break the chains of work and free his soul. 

You say it looks like an ergonomic keyboard tray being stored on top of a storage cabinent?  Well… I guess that is one interpretation. 

In other news… Nico is pretty fun lately.  He is talking a lot.  Sometimes it sounds like human language.  Like today, when I woke up, I went to start getting dressed.  Nico woke up and looked for me for a little then went back to Dave and said something that Dave swears sounded like, “Where is she?”  Then other times, he will sit in his high chair and point out the window saying:
adkfhadf a;lkdfj sadf asdlkfjads fdfhaodsif asodfjsad fsadlfkjsa dfldsidfyuwerlkdnflka fasdlfksajd flsakjdf. 

He is also really starting to get into books.  Just this morning, we were reading an animals book and he knew elephant and lion, which are pretty great, since its not like a dog, that he sees everyday.

One thought on “Post Modern

  1. you're funny. I hate those keyboard trays too. at my work, there is a guy whose job is to go around removing these all day. He may have other responsibilities…but this is his most important if you ask me.


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