i can haz cute!

Quick post today… got lots to do.  But I give you not one, but TWO videos!!

Back story:  Nico was teasing with the cookie.  Just before I got up to get my phone, he was offering me the cookie and then taking it back before I could get it.  So I think:  how rotten is this kid?  No one will believe how rotten he is!  I gotta get this on video!!  So I get up, get my phone, roll camera action. 

Some might believe after this video that Nico was sharing.  It’s a ruse!  Dont believe it!  He knew the camera was on him and decided to be all cute like!  Everyone knows that his genes predispose him to selfishness when it comes to cookies (his Auntie Nic-Nic and myself have the selfish cookie gene.  Unfortunately its a dominant gene… so good luck with that!). 

This one is from the cruise.  Cant remember if I posted it or no… but it’s really cute.  Nico and Emme dancing on stage during the cruise.  I can has cute?

I could just eat him up!!

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