Dave Royse- its your birfday! We gonna party like it’s your birfday!

Okay… not really.  Because I have class and he has a meeting with his boss.  I should probably copy Nicole and talk about the 41 reasons (he’s 41) why I love him.  But I dont want everyone to throw up on their keyboards.  So let’s just go with the Top 10 reasons why I love Dave!

1).  He’s an amazing dad.
2).  He has the most patience of anyone I’ve known.
3).  We make a great coaching team- where I am the bad cop, he is the good cop.  And he’s a good coach for girls… he gets the fact that its not like coaching boys.
4).  He coaches the U of L basketball team when they are on TV.  He and his BFF forever Christian often call each other and talk it out during the game.
5).  Legs- still has great legs for an old dude (not counting the knees… the between the two of us, we have about half a good set of functioning knees).
6).  Still loves to play soccer.  I love that.
7).  Doesn’t tell me no.  Ever.  When I get ideas like, “I know I just finished the PhD journey of a quajillion years…and I have only been out of school for like a month… how’s about I start a MpH?  This semester?”
8).  His cleaning style is so cute.  He is all about arranging the items in the drawer painstakingly.  Like, the pens go next to the scissors, which go next to the keys, which go next to the trivet and the bag ties.” All nice and neat like.  I’m more about stuffing everything into the drawer and moving on.  Consequently, he can almost always find the random set of keys we need… where as, I am constantly losing stuff…
9).  Nerd alert.  Dude… really, he posted on his facebook page a video about the College of Wooster’s basketball team… that works rubiks cubes to “chill out.”  And while he does know the outcome of every major war the US has been involved in, would prefer to watch the Military channel over anything else.  Especially if it’s “World War II in color” episodes.
10).  He does laundry.   For real.  He even folds it.

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