I heart Soccer.

So that is what is up lately.  We’re in survival mode around the Bishop-Royse house.  Inevitably it comes down to this every soccer season.  The last couple of weeks, where we basically just work, coach, travel for soccer and sleep.  In one sense, its always crazy when we get to this point, because we’re like, our season is so close to being over… but really, it feels like it just started.  Weird.

We have our Regional Quarterfinal game tonight.  We play at home against Gulf Breeze.  For all intents and purposes, we aren’t supposed to win tonight.  Gulf Breeze is a long-time powerhouse in the panhandle.  They lost their district final game… so my guess is that they are going to come out gangbusters.  I think they are expecting an easy time of it against us.  Which would be a mistake, I think.

If there ever was a team to take down the Gulf Breezes of the world:  it’s us.  We are DUE for a game of epic proportions.  We haven’t put together 80 minutes of good soccer since Leon.  We’re scrappy.  We’re willing to play 65-70 minutes of ugly soccer if it means we can sneak a goal.  We can play physical.  We  are willing to designate 2 players to mark their leading goal scorers.  We have scored against the run of play.  When WE DECIDE we want to, we can dig in and defend all night.  So I am really excited for this game tonight- really looking forward to see what team shows up.

Know what I am also excited about?  I am helping to organize the old North High Alumni game.  We used to have one going back when I played there.  It was a boys/mens game and the alumni played the current varsity team.  I dont think that is allowed anymore.  So we’d likely just get a scrimmage together of all alumni.  So that is pretty cool.  The trash talk has begun:

CC (the boys goalkeeper who graduated in 1999?):  Guess I gotta dust off the gloves and find my old jersey (dont know if I even fit in it anymore).
Me:  You assume Brian Mariea and I are going to let you play in goal (referring to the boys GK who graduated in 1998 with me).

CL (field player who graduated in 1998):  I’m going for the hat-trick whenever this game goes down. Y’all better start training… Evens are gonna dominate (referring to the team with the even numbered graduation years).

JBR: Suddenly I’m glad to be an even…

CC:  u and Brian r both evens so looks like i get my net after all.

JBR:   yeah, with Casey Lissau scoring a hat trick on you. Good luck with that 🙂

This is going to be awesometownvilleberg!!  Very excited about this.  Especially since when I am not playing in goal, guess who is playing in the field?  THAT IS RIGHT!!  Last time I played in the field, I had a game-winning header in the semifinals of IMs.  And I was 4 months pregnant!  How do you like them apples?

So that is what is going down lately.  On the Nico front, we have a new development:  THE BOY LOVES TO READ.  NO JOKE.  He has become a Readie McReaderson lately.  I LOVE IT.  I was worried- it took him a long time to get interested in books.  I remember when he was 10-11 months old, I’d go to sit down with a book to read him he would sit for one page and basically get up to run around because it was BORING!!!  Now?  He sat by himself reading Tuesday night… for like 10 minutes while I was making dinner.  It was AWESOME.  He loves to read in the mornings wit Dave.  So I have distributed books all around the house- in our room, his room, the living room, the bathroom (for bathtime).  It’s awesome, because his game of “Let me see how long it takes to tear this house up” gets really old after a while.  Also it means that we can start going to the library and book stores again.  WHOOO HOOOOOOO!!

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